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SMART doesn't load

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Change SMART_Server before SetUpOSI...


Just tried that.


When i first started the script with the new server i got this error and SCAR closed:




Then i just opended it again and ran it, and now i dont get the error, but SMART still won't start.


I've tried several servers, but with the same result :-(

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Script ran fine for me. Trying to figure out why SMART doesn't load on a particular machine can be a pain in the butt.


That sounds bad.. for me, as im the only one with this problem :-(


I've just tried to reinstall scar, but with the same result. God this is annoying x(

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I feel your pain. I spent 3 days trying to get it working on one of my machines. Wound up uninstalling all java, scar, everything! then starting over.


Did you make it work :P?


Meaty I should try to run it in a virtual machine. Def. Gonna try that out tomorrow.


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Wuhuu. Now it's working :-D


I found out my shitty AVG was blocking it -.-''

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I'm running the free version. Works well other than it's spammy as hell: seems like it pops up every 30 seconds begging you to buy the pro version.


Lol im running running the paid version (i haven't paid for it) and it pops up every 60 seconds because something is trying to connect to the internet :o

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