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  1. Release Phoenix Bmbot 3.5

    We can help you make the script you're using compatible with the latest version.
  2. How dead are we?

    Yeah we do, let me know if there's something in particular you're trying to use
  3. SCAR 1.13 or 2.03 Download request

    Very possible. I may have a copy of 2.03 laying around. Contact me via skype/msn
  4. Upgrade

    Use VKeyDown / VKeyUp with left arrow: 37, up arrow: 38, right arrow: 39, down arrow: 40. The documentation for Bitmap functions https://wiki.scar-divi.com/Category:Bitmap_Functions https://wiki.scar-divi.com/FindBitmap
  5. Need ideas to find the Fishing Spot

    Find the whole TPA (FindColor(s) ) and split it into boxes (ATPA) or SplitTPA and then look at the width/height of the (A)TPA(s) with TPA sorting and Length() probably use one of the TPA sorting functions by size https://wiki.scar-divi.com/Category:TPA_Functions Here's some generalized implementation https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/blob/master/RS07/Extended/Object.scar
  6. 07's InvCount

    Does your code reset ColorToleranceSpeed? ColorToleranceSpeed(1); The 'bug' is not with InvCount it is with TabExists/GetCurrentTab which rely on ColorToleranceSpeed 1 not 2. You need reset ColToleranceSpeed immediately after changing it to 2 and using it it with FindColor etc. . If your code is for sure doing (not missing it in an early exit loop or something) this then try adding it to the test script, if it is still doing this then osrs has updated and I need to change the tolerance parameters. If it stops after you reset it then you need to make your code incorporate the reset. This should be done in any function or produce etc. in your entire script when switching from 1 to 2 CTS
  7. Show script running time?

    Here's some more timing functions https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/blob/master/Divi/Human/Timing.scar
  8. [C#] OSRS blocking my mouse clicks??

    OSI's mouse functions are working fine in OSBuddy and the OSR client for me. Are you on Windows 10?
  9. RS07 "InvFull" isn't working

    program New; {$DEFINE RS07} // V - Bright Settings {$I OSI\OSI.scar} procedure ScriptTerminate; begin FreeOSI; end; begin SetUpOSI; repeat WriteLn(InvCount(False)); Wait(1000); until (False); end. Works for me. Maybe provide the code you're using so I can see what you're doing.
  10. [C#] OSRS blocking my mouse clicks??

    SCAR is coded in Delphi, I assume the mouse controls are done through Delphi's 'abilities'. Haven't heard anything about rs blocking clicks or whatever that is about, are you running OSbuddy, osrs official client, browser, something else? Haven't confirmed this or tested etc. will check in about 10 hours.
  11. RS07 "InvFull" isn't working

    I'll look at this in about 10 hours
  12. SCAR 1.13 or 2.03 Download request

    Have you tried PM'ing Freddy? I'm not supposed to distribute his software for him.
  13. SCAR 1.13 or 2.03 Download request

    I have 2.03 for sure, not sure about 1.13.. why do you want it? I've contacted Freddy
  14. Function to open an external program/file?

    Why is it that you need to contact him?
  15. Function to open an external program/file?

    Which function did you use?
  16. Percent

    Old post but would be useful to add significant figures and/or decimal places.
  17. New Layout

    Looks good. Glad to see certificate error gone and the shiny new design. IPB, PHP 7 woo. Wiki is back up too
  18. VirtualBox + FindColor

    Not sure why you think it's strange. Things like VirtualBox etc. cause all sorts of complications with the internal processes programs use.
  19. Wait function uses milliseconds... 1 millisecond = 1/1000th of a second so 5 seconds = 5000 milliseconds or 3 minutes is (3 * 1000 * 60) documentation for basic bitmap finding is here http://wiki.scar-divi.com/FindBitmap Use the TSCARBitmap.Create instead of BitmapFromString, then use the X and Y variables with the mouse functions http://wiki.scar-divi.com/Category:Mouse_Functions
  20. VirtualBox + FindColor

    Windows 10 is not the problem. Somewhere VirtualBox is causing an issue, why are you using it?
  21. Need help brand new at Scar.

    Look at the wiki should help http://wiki.scar-divi.com/FindColor I don't really have time for explanations unless it's more specific. You can try googling scar scripting tutorials.

    Just move your bitmap loading up before any loops begin

    Load your bitmaps outside (before) the looping so you don't keep reloading them into memory and running it out until canvas stops working. Then free them at the end of script. There are some other options like loading and then freeing everytime but it's better for your application to load once and free at the end.
  24. help

    3.22 and older http://www.freddy1990.com/index.php?page=service&name=archive&pagenum=1 3.22 http://www.freddy1990.com/download.php?file=SCAR322setup.exe newer versions: http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=2800&p=15075&viewfull=1#post15075
  25. Scar browser discontinued?

    Did you find APPA ?