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  1. Anybody Home ???

    That explains the empty forums lol. I feels ya on being busy. IRL is super busy for me as well. Look forward to seeing great things when you get a chance to resume development.
  2. Anybody Home ???

    Thought I'd duck my head in and say hello. Forums seem depressingly quiet. Haven't been active lately much myself, here or in the other community. Looking forward to dipping my toes back in the water. Getting something working with RS3 NXT looks like it could be fun. So what's the status of things? SCAR Divi 3.41 seems to still be the latest release. Is SCAR Divi 4 still a go? Was really looking forward to the new features. Speaking of which what is the state of the various includes? They still being actively developed???
  3. Scar Download Archive?

    Not officially. The old versions exist. But there is no link to them. You can get to them by manipulating the download link. Here's the download link for the current version. Notice how the version is built into the link: http://www.scar-divi.com/download.php?file=scar-3.40.00-setup.exe So, if you wanted 3.34 the link to download it would be: http://www.scar-divi.com/download.php?file=scar-3.34.00-setup.exe I've used this trick to download most of the old versions.
  4. Paying For A Script

    What game are you looking to script for. Curious now to see if it can be done. Not like I have time to do it but worth having a look.
  5. Paying For A Script

    Unlikely you'll get many replies. People frown on the buying/selling of scripts. You could take some time and learn to script your game/program/whatever it is. It will be slow going at first but then you will have the ability to write other scripts for it, with no need to continually pay someone each time you need something different.
  6. Open Scar File in c#

    This gets asked a lot. Simple answer: No. You could in theory implement your script not as a script but as a SCAR plugin in Delphi or Lazarus. Then have a simple script that does little more than call the plugin. It wouldn't stop someone with knowledge/determination from decompiling it but would keep most people out.
  7. Includes

    There is a search order it looks for includes if you don't include a path at all and just use the name of the include. Can't for the life of me remember the exact order. Think it's includes folder, scar application folder, script folder. Or something like that.
  8. Findcolor in a TscarBitmap

    This more than anything will speed things up. There is a limit as to how fast you can search. It does take time to perform a search. Unless you have trouble reading the client directly I would avoid capturing to a bitmap. It is just going to slow things down. I am curious what you are doing that getting the absolute fastest search time is vital. Screen must be changing very fast.
  9. Findcolor in a TscarBitmap

    I don't really understand what you are trying to do. Why are you capturing to bitmap in the first place instead of simply searching on the client? And if it is not finding the color then your colors are wrong, or it has to wait until the colors appear? It is often difficult to help when given minimal details to go on.
  10. Findcolor in a TscarBitmap

    Something like this??? program New; var Bmp: TSCARBitmap; BmpClient: TSCARBitmapClient; CurClient: TSCARClient; begin CurClient := GetClient(); // Save current client so we can restore it later. Bmp := CurClient.Capture(); // Grab screenshot of current client. BmpClient := TSCARBitmapClient.Create(Bmp); // Create client from bitmap. SetClient(BmpClient); // Set new client as SCAR's target. // Do something here. SetClient(CurClient).Free(); // Set SCAR's target back to orignal client and // free bitmap client. Bmp.Free(); // Free bitmap. CurClient.Free(); // Free client object now that we're done with it. end.
  11. Creating an array of images

    You are trying to assign a TSCARBitmap to a String Result. I would consider creating a custom font. Create a folder in the Fonts folder and in there store a .bmp of each character named for the ascii code (ie upper-case A is 65). Then you can load the font and use SCAR's built-in text functions.
  12. A random X or Y cord

    Oort already gave you an example in his code with the repeat statement. repeat <DoSomething> until <SomeConditionIsTrue>; To have it repeat forever repeat Click; until False; // Will never be true
  13. Automatically find and activate client window

    You can tell it to search child windows as well. FindWindowsEx(GetDesktopWindow(), 'Clicker Heroes | Adventure Games', '', True, False, True);
  14. Automatically find and activate client window

    Interesting. I had the Clicker Hero window minimized to the task bar and it still pulled it up.
  15. Automatically find and activate client window

    This worked with SCAR 3.40. Didn't try it with 3.41. program New; var WindowList: THwndArray; begin WindowList := FindWindowsEx(GetDesktopWindow(), 'Clicker Heroes | Adventure Games', '', False, False, True); if (Length(WindowList) > 0) then begin ActivateWindow(WindowList[0]); SetLength(WindowList, 0); end; end.