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  2. AWS Certified Associate is a highly-trained Cloud-based IT professional who works as a consultant and architect in consulting, providing, and managing solutions based on the Amazon Web Services products.


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  4. What game is it? Does it have bot detection? What operating system do you have? How difficult is the task your trying to do? Don't know much about V/Simb these days. Your question probably requires a lot of benchmarking and consideration to answer properly. We can offer some support on this platform if you give us more details.
  5. Hi, I've been reading forums here and on villa vu.... like 7 years ago, I used SCAR on a game.... quit playing for a long time... now I'm back and need to start over. It's not any version of RS. Which is better suited these days, SCAR, or Simba? I know neither are really maintained, and Simba was meant to be the 'next gen', but I'm not sure how far it made it. Thoughts?
  6. MoveMouse instead of setmouse.
  7. Hello friend, I really want you to teach me how to configure the scard divi to be faster, I download the programs you mentioned and it does not work, will you help me?
  8. Try FindColorTolerance with Tolerance around 5, 10, 15, 25, etc.
  9. Hello, FindColor doesn't work with this game on w8 or wi10 but on w7 it does, In w10 if I only do clickmouse it correctly, but the problem is with FindColor, I already tried with other programs and Findcolor works fine.
  10. Don't use Runelite for the time being. Not sure we'll have a solution for that anytime soon. You could edit in some offsets to Mouse.scar etc. if you're really desperate to use it.
  11. hello good afternoon I have been reading lately in the forum and today I got ready to comment, https://forums.scar-divi.com/topic/1451-duplicate-actions-on-half-of-screen/?tab=comments#comment-8085 I have read this post which is very similar to what I would need but I understand that this post is about a recording of mouse actions, to reproduce it in the Shared screen, what I need would be in real time, what would be the correct term and can be carried out with scar divi or should I look for another option. In addition there is a program called eithermouse that allows you to have two mice on the same PC, the main thing is that when using the second one it cancels the first one and so on. If possible, all the above mentioned possibilities that could be posed to execute this "either mouse" with scar divi with your secondary mouse. Thank you very much in advance, I would appreciate any help and could make donations. The attached image was taken from the internet by another site with a similar idea but executed in another way. It currently doesn't work in Win 10, I wouldn't know if I could put the link.
  12. Normal OSRS client works properly. Runelite dies not.
  13. You tried these with the normal client? I'll look at it this weekend. Also, did you get the latest OSI from github (not include manager)
  14. I'll get this to you this weekend if I still have it.
  15. Also, I am thinking of starting to come back and making script for the peepz! 😇
  16. Hi there! I am trying to do: SetGameTab(4) or (3) and neither are doing anything. Just executes right over it like it's done but it does not anything. I have: SetupOSI; SetGameTab(4); Also just noticed, this line isn't doing anything either: SetCompassAngleAndHeight(Dir_North, True); EDIT: P.S. I have these 2 lines on the very top: {$DEFINE RS07} {$I OSI\OSI.scar}
  17. Hi there! Just re-downloaded Scar and looking for the color picker tool which shows the color, tolerance, and more. Where is that program now? 😩
  18. hey mate did you heard any news about scar-divi updates

  19. Dude!!! I been trying so hard to find it again! I want to use it for this online 2d game where it lets me use skills which help me train my character and I need silent mouse so I'm able to use the computer and do other stuff. This pandemic brought back the game and I used to use the scar divi program to train while just doing whatever on my computer (if you're curious I use it on byond.com games) would be much appreciated man!
  20. Pretty sure I have it somewhere, what in the world do you need it for?
  21. I was wondering if anyone has an old scar divi with silent mouse? I been trying to find it but cant seem to find it anywhere. Would be much appreciated!
  22. This game https://www.battleofsea.com/ ? Have you tried looking through any of the code for other scripts in this section?
  23. Hello everyone i need help for new game.. its like a seafight in 2007-2008. I need only npc bot.. who can help me for script? I want only Attack to NPC And Repair.. Game Name : Battle Of Sea . Thanks.
  24. I may be able to tell you how to code it yourself for free if you give us some more detail.
  25. I am willing to pay up to $30 if shown that the program can function as desired. Thanks for your time.
  26. Hello, I am looking for someone that can make a script for a Minecraft/Runescape Hybrid. I don't want to say much more, but I can explain more in detail using Discord. TheBroski#0489 if you are interested in this offer please PM me. Thank you.
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