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  2. update mssl

    I think Ive edited the correct part how do you recompile it i think you need to inc another file how would i go about that?
  3. Release Phoenix Bmbot 3.5

    We can help you make the script you're using compatible with the latest version.
  4. Release Phoenix Bmbot 3.5

    Someone here? Can you give me a link for scar divi 3.28 ou 3.34. Thanks
  5. How dead are we?

    Yeah we do, let me know if there's something in particular you're trying to use
  6. How dead are we?

    Do we have any functionality still? Might throw a few things together.
  7. I've been searching for some old rs-classic SCAR scripts for v1.13 or so. All I can find is "scar,scriptpack,by,super" on rscdump.com but that is it.... I though there use to be an abundance of rsc scar scripts available. Not sure if this site was whiped clean awhile back or what. Thanks
  8. SCAR 1.13 or 2.03 Download request

    Very possible. I may have a copy of 2.03 laying around. Contact me via skype/msn
  9. SCAR 1.13 or 2.03 Download request

    I am also looking for 1.13 and 2.03 to run some old scripts. Or is it possible to recode the old scripts to work with the current 3.41?
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