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  1. Earlier
  2. hey mate did you heard any news about scar-divi updates

  3. Dude!!! I been trying so hard to find it again! I want to use it for this online 2d game where it lets me use skills which help me train my character and I need silent mouse so I'm able to use the computer and do other stuff. This pandemic brought back the game and I used to use the scar divi program to train while just doing whatever on my computer (if you're curious I use it on byond.com games) would be much appreciated man!
  4. Pretty sure I have it somewhere, what in the world do you need it for?
  5. I was wondering if anyone has an old scar divi with silent mouse? I been trying to find it but cant seem to find it anywhere. Would be much appreciated!
  6. This game https://www.battleofsea.com/ ? Have you tried looking through any of the code for other scripts in this section?
  7. Hello everyone i need help for new game.. its like a seafight in 2007-2008. I need only npc bot.. who can help me for script? I want only Attack to NPC And Repair.. Game Name : Battle Of Sea . Thanks.
  8. I may be able to tell you how to code it yourself for free if you give us some more detail.
  9. I am willing to pay up to $30 if shown that the program can function as desired. Thanks for your time.
  10. Hello, I am looking for someone that can make a script for a Minecraft/Runescape Hybrid. I don't want to say much more, but I can explain more in detail using Discord. TheBroski#0489 if you are interested in this offer please PM me. Thank you.
  11. While completing my first script in a long time. (Nearly complete, msg me if you have any interest in a private script) I noticed there was a few things that are broken because of OSRS updates. I've also added some new functionality and plan on adding more soon. Please report any functions that are not working or if you need help https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/commit/9aa31982cbe39bfadd5358fcfcdb6fe20f6f95fd New functionality: Added Skill_Spec to GetMMLevel, Added Area_Bank to GetItemAmount Fixes to broken from OSRS updates: CloseBank, GetBankSlotsSearchBounds, GetBankSlotbounds, IsRunning, Run and Prayer for GetMMLevel, ChooseOption and related functions, & bankscreen boundaries in globals. Cheers -Wanted
  12. Wanted

    update mssl

    You only need to save the include file and then run the script that is using it to implement a change.
  13. Hello everyone and welcome back to scar-divi forums (Thanks to Freddy for renewing the forums) and OSI. I've been quite inactive for a long time but I finally completed my degree so I'm spending some new found time to earn some passive income by renewing OSI's OSRS (RS07) macroing. I've committed a new update which fixes the issues with logging in with OSI. I believe there is a problem with Bankscreen: Boolean; and a few other bugs which will be updated very soon. Be sure to report those bugs here so we can fix them. https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/commit/c2713fa2a9e1f6836730f5d3e1b5c8bb61bad6c9 At least one private script and one public script are on the way for OSI. The include manager will not auto update your old OSI for the time being. You must download OSI directly from the github or assembla source. If you are unfamiliar with git I recommend learning it or learning svn if you're looking for something easier to use SVN with assembla. Hopefully Freddy will update the includes manager soon. (If it's actually the include manager and not my lack of memory of how to use it correctly.) https://app.assembla.com/spaces/OSI2/subversion/source https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/archive/master.zip Cheers, -Want3d Update 2-15 Bankscreen fixed https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude/commit/32d93f1e41e0312d7dde38bc17e0de7c33c55c5b https://gyazo.com/c2f8977e7cc4e8331319f2ccc1397120
  14. heyo

    update mssl

    I think Ive edited the correct part how do you recompile it i think you need to inc another file how would i go about that?
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