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  1. It's a little complicated to combine TPA functions, Boundary functions, DTM blue corner functions for corners, InPolygons, Rotate Map, HSL color schemes for shading etc. would not recommend. Better/More Simple to just use a DTM of the Shark etc. item outline color with an infinite tolerance mid point (or normal point with a center outline colored dot, where the shark fold is) with some hover mouse tolerance around the area with some check up text etc. Alternatively you could go without runelite etc. and search for the little blue dots (ACA and CTS2) and do some TPA (SplitTPA/ GroupTPA etc.) sorting to group the dots into areas and combine with hover mouse area tol with some uptext checks.
  2. I don't play Endless Online or whatever this is for. I would need a breakdown of what actions you are doing and probably a video. Or maybe the route of explaining something more particular that you are trying to do
  3. Can you describe what you're trying to replicate
  4. Sube un video en algún lugar de esto en acción
  5. Do you have a video of the actions you're trying to replicate?
  6. Do you have an image of what you're talking about? It's likely you'll need something like color TPA functions to find the center etc.
  7. Wanted

    OSI Wiki and Manual

    https://github.com/OSI1/OfficialSCARInclude it's here now
  8. Wanted


    Try reinstalling? Run as administrator? Check for other installed software differences?
  9. Wanted


    What's different between your two computers?
  10. https://wiki.scar-divi.com/Category:Functions The functions and syntax you are looking for can be found in the manual. They should be easy for you to understand. Let me know if you need further help Wait, FindColor, GetColor, TypeSend,
  11. You almost got it with that pseudocode. The coding 'rules' haven't changed, the wrappers for built in functions and been re-arranged slightly since ~10yrs ago. You can find the built in arrangements in code hints in SCAR or here https://wiki.scar-divi.com/SCAR_Divi_Online_Manual If you have specific questions I can help answer them. It's much easier than it sounds Welcome back
  12. var x, y:integer; w: THwndArray; procedure Pot; begin w := FindWindows('Endless Online'); if (High(w) > -1) then begin ActivateWindow(w[0]); SetLength(w, 0); Wait(500); end; repeat if FindColorSpiral(0, 0, x, y, 1579032, 185, 38, 185, 38) then begin clickmouse(78, 360, true); wait(50) clickmouse(464, 376, true); wait(15) clickmouse(464, 376, true); wait(500) end; until FindColorSpiral(0, 0, x, y, 1579032, 185, 38, 185, 38)= false end; begin repeat Pot until(false) end. You need to include the start points in FindColorSpiral (SE, SY) I put in 0, 0 for you and added some semicolons where needed to get the compilation errors to go away.
  13. What game is it? Does it have bot detection? What operating system do you have? How difficult is the task your trying to do? Don't know much about V/Simb these days. Your question probably requires a lot of benchmarking and consideration to answer properly. We can offer some support on this platform if you give us more details.
  14. MoveMouse instead of setmouse.
  15. Try FindColorTolerance with Tolerance around 5, 10, 15, 25, etc.
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