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  1. var StartTime: LongInt; begin StartTime := GetSystemTime; Wait(1000); // Do stuff WriteLn(IntToStr(GetSystemTime - StartTime) + 'ms elapsed'); end.
  2. https://github.com/SCAR-Divi/ShellUtils Load the ShellUtils plugin and use Run() or RunEx().
  3. Well, the forums have been broken for quite a bit due to a sever migration. As for SCAR, development is currently on hold, just because I have so much work on my plate right now. I'm currently finishing my thesis and after that I have to settle in into a full-time job and additionally I'm also starting a company. I would like to get SCAR 4 finished at some point, but right now I really can't say when I can resume work on it.
  4. That's a nice story. SCAR also introduced myself to programming pretty much. Nice to see I successfully continued kaitnieks' tradition
  5. Please do not erase your question. We've taken the time to answer your question, others may benefit from the answer as well.
  6. SetMousePos would be the fastest
  7. FHannes

    Finding bitmaps

    Keep in mind that you should free that bitmap enemy_bmp after usage or you could clog up the memory if you run that find function in a loop; Since bitmaps are only freed after the whole script is ran automatically.
  8. Well, you have to select the window in which you want to search.
  9. I don't quite understand what you're asking... FindBitmap will find the bitmap you pass to it on whatever client you have selected, which by default is the desktop. The x and y coordinates you pass to it is the area you want to search in, relative to the upper-left corner of the client you have selected.
  10. SCAR Divi 3.13 is outdated and no longer supported. It has a lot of bugs which were later resolved. Please update to the latest version 3.41. And use the edit button instead of double posting.
  11. It works, but not the way you think. You have to assign a bitmap to it, like this: type TForm1 = record Form1: TForm; Image1: TImage; end; var Form1: TForm1; procedure Form1_Init; var Bmp: TSCARBitmap; begin with Form1 do begin Form1 := CreateForm; Image1 := TImage.Create(Form1); with Form1 do begin Left := -1267; Top := 350; Caption := 'Form1'; ClientHeight := 202; ClientWidth := 304; Color := clWindow; Font.Charset := DEFAULT_CHARSET; Font.Color := clWindowText; Font.Height := -11; Font.Name := 'Tahoma'; Font.Style := []; OldCreateOrder := False; PixelsPerInch := 96; end; with Image1 do begin Parent := Form1; Left := 12; Top := 12; Width := 136; Height := 88; end; end; Bmp := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNqNzd1Lk1EAx3H/BKGrboug7KIgIkaFJb2CR' + 'jeaRC/2IshAIimyAomabE5DMXW1pW4uzW0+c3u2OTfdM5e6Nt1Lczo3ZSuczpQ' + 'kfDlnS9H66Z03rsOPw7n4fDn7MjIzYt9/zMTn5hI/E/ML/zNIeFSBYKile7ZYu' + 'CRnE9HYzB6Ts/PbTJ8IR6Kohpwjtyri/aOruNPOtsO8/jFUlj5O/DFwvWyy0/L' + 'r754HAOxt6/iXIRcqjZbttXI5D12bW1u8SnpGSHOq6TkxPSukuXW0UELuN5Omf' + 'iKzrwGAcQ4nPCq58jOjM528Yf2zufmoI/mCoVU9tNJIRUZajQdLhAZiGyeO0Bo' + 'AmMnCwaOSSFvbO7VZuTqysXG3oVao57QeqvMkB0KU9VHGTc3fyMAE8UwTADBG3' + 'wuPqr5RqmhXH7yoWV5fz+Ln8crv1LBWZ2QFXwxOEmeEOsPUG6WTsxQATK01wqO' + 'qa/gg/6Q6cIFZSqUyr2XvL7hyuLiQ94RfUFVVKlNUqFixwa4YHLOHFgHAVIwBH' + 'lWDpFnZwRy6bFqg9MjN2mNFEh6/7dIzbYGIK5H6nnfFRH2Lje6V5kAKAKyr2wy' + 'PStaiVHXpj+Y5EoQcv/f+VElr9mPV1ZeGfKG96J23VB4p18y97vkt5pIAYHpTH' + 'zyqtg5NmWD4RL6/pn0mvrq6xwDAnorcOkMvKjXDnr4dtbqWcaed1b3NzBYOldF' + 'sfVUfOv9gQdA09dXt27WRXRNIpsHeNE1xjmFUNvug0+UZ9QY8vqDXn2YwkPA7l' + 'dfnHx8LhoMTkeDEVLpFIOFR/QNUJI3K'); Bmp.AssignTo(Form1.Image1.Picture); Bmp.Free; end; procedure Form1_SafeInit; var v: TVariantArray; begin SetLength(v, 0); ThreadSafeCall('Form1_Init', v); end; function Form1_ShowModal: Boolean; begin Result := Form1.Form1.ShowModal = mrOk; end; function Form1_SafeShowModal: Boolean; var v: TVariantArray; begin SetLength(v, 0); Result := ThreadSafeCall('Form1_ShowModal', v); end; begin Form1_SafeInit; Form1_SafeShowModal; end.
  12. FHannes

    get bitmap

    begin DebugBitmap(GetClient.CaptureEx(1, 1, 10, 10)); end.
  13. SCAR Divi 3.41.00 has been released. This is a (seriously) overdue maintenance release. I've finally gotten around to publishing it. All affiliate installers have been removed from SCAR as well, as it seems the company providing them is no longer screening these software packages properly to exclude malware products. Downloads: SCAR Divi - Download Changelog: Bugfixes: - ReverseATPA did not function correctly - Large memory leak in the script engine - & characters in filenames were not displayed correctly in tab captions Tweaks: - Updated PascalScript engine to newer build (5d00e6cfb950a3c898d2d6813862199e5c5142c6) Enjoy! ~Freddy
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