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MouseItem bug

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It's accurate, too accurate sometimes the mouse moves a pixel off from where you tell it to... making it rarely miss the edge sometimes.




Simple fix for this is to make the box a bit smaller in MouseItem, while not changing GetItemBounds algorithm.


I've already done it and will push it sometime tomorrow.


This is the new one


function MouseItem(Slot: Integer; TypeC: ClickActions): Boolean;
Contributors: Wanted
Description: Clicks on an item.
Date Created: November 6th, 2011. By Wanted. RS2 Build 675.
Last Modification: November 28th, 2011. By Wanted. RS2 Build 686.

function MouseItem(Slot: Integer; TypeC: ClickActions): Boolean;
 B: TBox;
 Result := InvItemExists(Slot);
 if (not (Result)) then
 B := GetItemBounds(Slot);
 MouseBox(B.X1 + 2, B.Y1 + 2, B.X2 - 2, B.Y2 - 2, TypeC);

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