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  1. YouTube Ad Remover

    A simple script that closes, skips & disables adverts/annotations on YouTube allowing you to just click and watch the content without interruption. Drag the Target/Crosshair from the Scar-Divi toolbar on to your browsers window & start the script. Tested on Chrome. Not 100% finished I'm looking for feedback, suggestions, ideas & your contribution if you can implement any other features or functionality. [sCAR] //YouTube Ad Remove v0.1 //Amberleaf //Instructions & more scripts can be found at SCAR Divi //1/7/2013 {.include OSI\OSI.scar} const w = 1680; h = 1050; procedure ScriptTerminate; begin FreeOSI; end; procedure ClickX; var x, y: Integer; Bmp, Bmp1, Bmp2, Bmp3: TSCARBitmap; begin Bmp := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNqNj7ENxSAQQ7NAZs4ATECNECP84heMElFQM' + 'QAlsWLFOp309eMCGd8TnPdt3z6vdf6Txb63NLJXYUiOWxy5K7HWWs75eJRSkke' + 'OKbHe+5zTkmKQY6pPScYYxcCTcRVqre41JL8qQCEEeVsBRmuXUtZaOFXHfYqEO' + '48x2IiMw1iEO8tY7I0uBQtwfw=='); Bmp1 := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNrt281u2kAQAOBdVFWtuHFor+01b4TUH+gxb' + '5K0pFKPHJv+irxBqyrwApFi98Qhjel7tCsPHg+767WNvdjGs/IhwPoHPs/O7EI' + 'uxYmQssubsG/czMbQDN1ddG4MzdAMzdAMzdA+4cruIXI3hu5QRV1l6zU0frQMf' + 'fzQ8efA0AzdxFb+jTBoMWjRrnBmaI/Qh8zUdQ+zDF3882Ho3kD73GjbnfZ++BV' + 'tSLtZTBHrqXi7iqK71cy88qF4tbiN/vz+9kIO9nvvJ2fX6nQ/3j/O7TkUL9W57' + 'lbvrK/O5/PRaOQ+wr+49QHaelJw3BgN+fxBw+7qXNaDl4IGRDd3z6FPPwUYwlq' + 'Aqyfd0BXbs/GXMIqCIIg24cc3D6tDu7lbAF1iCbF2aGV6/3d5NnggjTAHXA0aw' + 'hB2oREN3dS9AaOxarl86h5Tx7kYfw3jHbMGdtVUt/P4XEWgs7h7Dm2NaNqfQlN' + 'leHi1C317vQxJIlDWlxnWeFjtmPQ2oKnkPlyuykCb3C2CljsfclM5GtGtIhCnM' + 'EFIoL8jNCRcegvBQ3cZZpZkT8S5OhqOCTBux0crB025m4f2v/CYO+XRqm5rMab' + '6JMrbKzWh4W/sQPOCWYZhFJtlAKTvm8VEe2Y/6PV6PR6PWwftDb14gQTWNEen8' + 'X41dUDH8ZtevgpqGL1l9lnoOI85PYnxR3sUYyZxW4bugt//4gzYf6MRh9A/Lyb' + '4JFxTmqMHBJpc9OnnwJqmzQEkyRqTrPn1cFuMzQpCU2KGTsbDmXUwp9Ag+Dzpn' + 'wUNf9NXzSor7Ulm35CUsXMydE9FgXUbDdok7hh05eK8+JIFBBQtpxEXglHFmhV' + '6O7bLtGw2abJWw6A/DNd4NOiWu7TiJmborHSJGVOdTIOmkWtCR0FIj2aGc9Zky' + 'iy3cBK9O72yQ7uJ2zePbgDamjQhlqlsDL1tKvNC5FqLMQSyLo2aY7J2GbQkw5s' + 'wXjB57cjR3fmasmFo2zgj9eLA2pKr0u4H/q4qH9rbL3xKLr/nl4UU1N+SOEPXD' + 'm3GKUO3AdpDWcjQDJ0Dza2F0JqUo8RqfI2OoeuCdtfSDmiGay10bb8rZOU9ocl' + 'PQA8GTcZfhj44tPajzULTqwagM3ZhyqODlgxdJ3SeeGM5mqEPG9rlCmkpGfoII' + 'pqhOaIrQPP/PtfZ/gMMbYYJ'); Bmp2 := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNo9jsENgCAMRTkyB+BRnQFwXsQDToDBBA84i' + 'Yks4NcayAv5vKa0nHHm3Az6YRRSAQQyMW6lnFQiiSeksROVvF9Ak0J2uFPar+8' + 'gkARoD2G9awUINKv9mfMB2iw3/4O0saCtgUDy3VMorS2ZB3l8afs='); Bmp3 := TSCARBitmap.Create('deNrVkrENwCAMBCmpSEOLRABDmICtmIp52CC7x' + 'MLCRdK4zVWWOYGt51BGhRBijCklAMg5l1KuDdbYwT6eokPmLYPuFMr0ulCGhVz' + 'GFX4nyxekaNSG+7139SFueJ45Z2vNWltr5cQ5bkqcohxjGGOcc2Xx+hjngn2tN' + 'dawIY1N7/0DgENfUQ=='); //Grey X if FindBitmapSpiralTolerance(Bmp, x, y, 300, 200, w, h, 55) then begin ClickMouse(x, y, false); MMouse(x, y + 200, 0, 10); end; Wait(50); //Skip Ad if FindBitmapSpiralTolerance(Bmp1, x, y, 300, 200, w, h, 200) then begin ClickMouse(x, y, false); MMouse(x, y + 200, 0, 10); end; Wait(50); //Annotations off if FindBitmapSpiralTolerance(Bmp2, x, y, 300, 200, w, h, 150) then begin ClickMouse(x, y, false); MMouse(x, y + 200, 0, 10); end; Wait(50); //Black X if FindBitmapSpiralTolerance(Bmp3, x, y, 300, 200, w, h, 155) then begin ClickMouse(x, y, false); MMouse(x, y + 200, 0, 10); end; Wait(50); end; begin SetUpOSI; mousespeed := 500 repeat ClickX; Wait(250); until GetKeyState(VK_F12); end. [/sCAR]
  2. What do you guys think of my laptop?

    Lol I was thinking the same, did you forget to give us the link Toby1?
  3. MSSL banking with SMART

    Just realised what I've missed.. ¬_¬ MSSL_Setup; Where's that dunce hat?
  4. MSSL banking with SMART

    I just can't seem to get it working it runs to the bank in Draynor but doesn't attempt to bank and just runs back and forth from the woodcutting location. =[ removed link, the new working version will be updated on its own thread, thanks again jani
  5. European Union

    You never know this whole entire fuck up could bring our countries closer in the future, maybe they'll realise we don't need this whole entire EU BS run by overpaid scumbags to co-operate and prosper together as human beings.
  6. European Union

    What are your opinions on this whole idea of Europe being united under one flag? My views on this matter are pretty strong I hate the idea of losing our identities and own individuality, just simply becoming people molded to their ideals. They seem intent on making this happen at any price which is just scary as they're changing & creating new laws for something to do so they can justify their bloated wage packets. If you ask me I say we're being mugged on a daily basis, it costs the UK tax payer £50,000,000 a day to be a part of this abomination! Justify even that when I've never even been given a vote on the matter of being a part of this European dream. Even if you don't live in Europe what are your thoughts on this matter I'd like to hear what other people have made of this unelected gravy train. They're erasing democracy lets make ourselves heard people... We're human beings we have the right to be who or what we like, we shouldn't have this burden on our minds.
  7. Godlike! As soon as you have those banking functions and procedures sorted I'll be on it like a car bonnet, as the banking functions in MSSL don't seem to work with SMART. =[
  8. [Help] Scar divi file protection

    No problem at all the website is http://www.JaniAndWantedWillWriteIt4u2ProfitFrom.bs
  9. [Help] Scar divi file protection

    I'll help crack it once you've published it if you'd like? You have no history or track record here, contribute before trying to profit.
  10. Should guns be banned and confiscated?

    You should never take anything wikipedia publishes seriously. I live about a 100 miles from London in what's known as the east midlands in England within the UK and it's riddled with crime from the bottom up, everyone's got their finger in someone else's pie from the politicians right down to the unemployed thugs on the streets. But in typical British style we lie through our teethes to keep face with the rest of the world. You want rampages? http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/sep/18/police-officers-gun-grenade-attack You want mental people without guns? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2293284/Toby-Hayden-spared-jail-beating-Loretta-Butterworth-card-declined-cash-machine.html Here's what happens around our schools, this is the level of education... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2293417/Shocking-moment-30-drug-addicts-run-dealers-car-pulls-playground.html This is nothing compared to what really goes on behind closed doors.
  11. <p><p><p>hi there</p></p></p>

  12. scrips help

    [sCAR]{BryceTheCoder} var x,y: Integer; begin repeat if FindColor(x,y,16697856,525,528,564,532) then // Change XS,YS,XE,YE to the search region of somewhere in the bottom. begin repeat wait(5); // Add a time delay is needed. KeyDown(VK_SPACE); // Press down Spacebar. KeyUp(VK_SPACE); // Lefts up on the Spacebar. until GetKeyState(VK_F12); end; until (false); end.[/sCAR] try that?
  13. The ins and outs of getting back into scar programming

    Welcome back pal, why not just tare a few of my scripts apart and throw a little something together? It'll all come rushing back to ya. A good solid coder never forgets the fundamentals.
  14. [REQ] Karamja Fisher//banker - swordies/lobsters

    I'd love to get involved in all of this and help others but I simply don't get any time either, life's getting tougher for me, with longer working hours just to pay the basic bills. But I do give free reign to anyone to hack n' paste away at any of my scripts in the name of education.