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Hello SCAR users!

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I have recently found a lot of new time to become more active on here.



My long term goals for the website are finally playing out. I have lost personal interest in online video games but my love for automation will never die.



If anyone needs help with their ideas feel free to post detailed descriptions and I'll see if I can't help you








Also.... I'll be on #scar IRC.scar-divi.com just ping me

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you know I wouldn't be where I am today without these roots



The benefits I still see from all this are a daily experience years after the fact


I really hope we can draw in some users and just play around with automation like the good old days. What's going on next door over at villavu and our other neighbors currently?

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Yeah, welcome back man.

Hoping to see some brave new concepts that you'll come up with! :P


I have also lost interest towards any games, but working on new ideas/concepts for automation is always fun.

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