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[Help] Scar divi file protection

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Hello guys,


I have do it one script in scar, but i need to protect the file and i don't know how do it, can someone give me some help? or suggest what i can do it?


Maybe add some function to enter username or password to put the script run.


Best regards

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yes i'm seeling the script, but i need help how can put the protection, and i want something like you say, when try to open script loads check for username and password from my own web site :)


can someone paste code here how can i do it?



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Yeah as long as he is releasing it inside private community, and not here, I don't see any problem with this.


If you want nice encryption for your script, you could try contacting Freddy (through PM), but you will need CASH for getting it encrypted (makes sense).


Other option (FREE) is obfuscating it, so you could try searching for "SCAR+obfuscation" from Google or something like that.

Never release obfuscated code here though, it will be either removed or asked to release the source code without obfuscation.


Although, I seriously recommend releasing stuff as open-source (just like Amberleaf mentioned), I don't see the point of hiding stuff either.


If this request is for paid scripts, then you could make yourself a plugin and keep some things inside that, whereas any other stuff could still be kept as open-source.

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