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Found a bug in osi - to Wanted

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I was going through the osi file looking for the old ChatChars reference which use to be loaded from the scar fonts lib at ChatChars := LoadChars2(AppPath + 'CharsChat2\'); now the fonts are established in the RS2fontfolder and noticed that in the RS@fontfolder you have CharsNPC folder but when u call it in the osi its named CharsNPC here the excerpt NPCChars := LoadChars2(RS2FontFolder + 'NPCChars\');


Just figured id point that out! great job by the way!


one question tho which char reference is the old ChatChars refference? Reason being is i couldnt get the chat lib u got to work so i was going to use the old GetTextAtEx() function (a bit more work to set up but if i recall it use to work pretty good)


Thanks man

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Oh alright, and what i was trying to ask, is what new font folder is similar to the old "chatchars" folder.


and did you check out the error with the chatnpc folder?

CharsNPC is the folder but when u call it in the osi its named NPCChars here the excerpt "NPCChars := LoadChars2(RS2FontFolder + 'NPCChars\');"

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Oh well the someone updated OSI Because now there is 2 folders both names NPCChars and CharsNPC only one is caleld open in the OSI.scar file and when i posted this post

line 91 was NPCChars := LoadChars2(RS2FontFolder + 'NPCChars\'); but there wasnt a NPCChars folder only a CharsNPC Font folder in the RS2 Fonts File.


That was the whole reason for this post..


CharsNPC is the exactly the same file as NPCChars data wise, except it is never called upon anywhere in the script... look At OSI where font paths are declared. < _ >

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