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Need help brand new at Scar.

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I would love to make a simple fight/pick up bank repeat script for Runescape only for Educational purpose =D but im kinda lost watched a findcolor tutorial of LordJushuan? or so sorry if i miss spelled it or something :P

i tried this but it doesnt move to the color it just moves to 0 , 0 once i start it ? ( the very top left corner of the chosen window ..

Basically stole his code from his video, Some code examples would be highly appreciatet! :)


   GetClient.Activate;    Color := 2329732;  if FindColor(x, y, Color, 0, 0, 500, 500) Then  MoveMouse(x, y);  ClickMouse(x, y, mbLeft);




- Dequality .


EDIT: Sorry for my extremly bad english, English aint my native language.

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