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Heya Everyone I'm A Complete Noob To This, I Literally Only Found Out About It Today When I Found This Script



program riggingsmh;//rikkimartins autoprigging smh tool v1 varsopen, r, sclosed, x, y, i :Integer;Procedure ClickStation();Begin sclosed := BitmapFromString(6, 11, 'ceNqr6m67emvPr18Xpy+dru' +   'cV4xaf5ZmUZ+obtWTDfKDg589ngbKJ5fXhBVVOUWnvPpw+dXHrzs' +   'OrgSJAZBeRduDEeqCCgPRciAhQO9CcN+9Otk/rg4sAjZq7ahZQJZ' +   'AbW9YA1LVl74qGiV1Ao4Ai/ulFxa3NfXMmAjWu2rooOKsEaNGzF0' +   'eBZh49szmxrALIAKoEKgAygBqBjrxwbQeQC2RMXjgVqBhoIAChk2' +   'yx');//click stationif FindBitmapTolerancein(sclosed, x, y,167, 175,451, 451, 25) = true thenbeginwait(random(1000));movemousesmooth(x+50,y+10);wait(random(500)); clickmouse(x+50,y+10,true);wait(500);    Writeln('Closed Station Found');end elseif FindBitmapTolerance(sopen, x, y, 25) = true then begin  wait(random(1000));movemousesmooth(x+30,y-20); wait(random(500));clickmouse(x+30,y-20,true);wait(500);     Writeln('Open Station Found'); end;   end; Procedure OpenRigging();   Begin r := BitmapFromString(22, 26, 'ceNqtVGlTUmEU/jl9yBmzLG' +   'kK0Qkbt6khV3IwwBRwY/VyWWSRNMdyHyfDYRDHVNRcUlwwxQ0wEW' +   'WNxA0Frn+jE870waThNs28H9573/d53nOe85zjv7z0/+/lxTBPJO' +   'KJRn0YhhfrA3g0urzvJnOa8vitBxdhP04SgDcPTt4u5KczkUd0tL' +   '5DD39wBWDcsN8pFdEQFV2syuHI7tMkkA4OBgwb+rpFoCH51bJi9N' +   '2Ky+uKRNzRqOP0LHFBQL1Fp6tt9Is7EtHOmYmvZbm81tmd/XbjvD' +   'N0nmBGUAjHWSiDpXheKyPQRHM7e82D46kvRQ/Lkd2TU18CSmpnFw' +   'cWLM/qm6hCZW1r38qBO7dGxUBVhPKG4dVtyMsbPyM4+nZ8kkIVmg' +   '88Gp0xlYbIP47pTKu5HBlTopb3f+qdXkp7JXXF1xZEY73pTaGKNI' +   'OT6/4AmAFW57gpqYifzZYu73sq1F3JJULdgiWeIKAe+mEknSmR9Q' +   '/DHethcNbugGrWvR8gVjSu+3+kM8SQTjZL4o4TBvyfsTspIrDiBe' +   'xJFdKUUiFsgGTMsj3vcJErUSaqKuYrNr4f3uhVuCzoNkzbHBCALX' +   'hEqZODr4iVCmCAEgDtE44a4CQGunt65gqHnefn13wCwK4JE13dC6' +   '4AtvxqKbyYyVKOru/AJ5yCUOANg3kD9nKtsVjS6bkmCIbBQw9oYh' +   'AQ7oCGRAY6vGbldelvveA2ao1wCvW6yqsAaUsuEfwpCACXnG5KQ5' +   'snVvfPVkddhz6N1kAVKJ9WoUrdhEY/QaBLy5Q9uoW1PG7LjV0DwL' +   '1QyGDe9MVCuleG5HAkDLEqiy2bsjoK0Pa7VGEhr7HFMDltd8brF1' +   '+sy67aZDtwmFGlTCoSNA9Nja5tkZgoyEvhKvrnVr2JtZv3VyRh05' +   '57xGLLZKuzapoY6m5b8NiDZ25cNT4sQEHirnCkb8Zs8QV8eBig+u' +   '3jplJ5Tw737SOGBKrA6x7y4hyAMB9IVcrHdAR0KOSr3DGb4R3gYE' +   'IyR0NmKzYDQS9OHX6T2I9OIKN/g/9l/QTHSSxk');   //Find the Rigging Selection and Click    wait(random(1000));  FindBitmap(r, x, y)   if FindBitmap(r, x, y) = true then   begin  Writeln('Rigging Available');  wait(random(1000));    movemousesmooth(x+20,y+10);     wait(200 + random(500));   clickmouse(x+20,y+10,true);     end;end;   //Wait until 3 stars are compelte (around 1-2 mins so 600000 to 120000 ms)// wait(120000);begin  sclosed :=BitmapFromString(6, 11, 'ceNqr6m67emvPr18Xpy+dru' +   'cV4xaf5ZmUZ+obtWTDfKDg589ngbKJ5fXhBVVOUWnvPpw+dXHrzs' +   'OrgSJAZBeRduDEeqCCgPRciAhQO9CcN+9Otk/rg4sAjZq7ahZQJZ' +   'AbW9YA1LVl74qGiV1Ao4Ai/ulFxa3NfXMmAjWu2rooOKsEaNGzF0' +   'eBZh49szmxrALIAKoEKgAygBqBjrxwbQeQC2RMXjgVqBhoIAChk2' +   'yx');activateclient;     WriteLn('Started')repeatwait(5000);  if FindBitmaptoleranceIn(sclosed, x, y,167, 175,451, 451, 50) = true thenbegin  ClickStation();OpenRigging end;until i = 1; end.



When I Click Play It Says


Type: Compliler Error, Line 10 File: Empty Message: Unknown Identifier 'BitmapFromString'


I Have No Idea What To Do, I've Googled It But Didn't Understand What To Do So I'm Hopeing For A More Personal Response


Thank You :D

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Please use code
 [/ CODE] tags... that bitmap is deprecated you'll have to reconstruct it with an earlier SCAR version or replace it entirely with a new one and use the new bitmap system as well.


I have no idea what that means

:confused: I don't have another code I found it on google and Im trying to get it to work


I got 2 codes of the same person, the other one works flawlessy I did try posting it but its too big >_< So I had to upload it


there both for a game called Puzzle Pirates, the first script is for a whole big SMH but I only want the autoplayer, is that atleast salvagable?


like the one in the attachment that is just an autoplayer which is all I want.


Could someone have a scan through the codes to see if I can just pick out the autoplayer bits Please?


I have looked for more rigging scripts but this is the only one I could find =S be awesome if i could get it to work


This is the virus total for the gunning script which works fine




Thanks for replying


Gunning Scar.txt

Gunning Scar.txt

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