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Questiong about this bot

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Any chance Scar can read the packets being sent to see the connection status?

This is for a game called tibia


Some (possibly deprecated) functions from the old manual.



function OpenConnection(Host: string; Port, TimeOut: Integer): Integer;Creates new socket connection to specified host and port. Returns connection handle if successful.function ReadConnectionData(Connection: Integer; var s: string): Boolean;Reads data from connection into string s.function SendConnectionData(Connection: Integer; s: string): Boolean;Sends data to connection.function IsConnectionOpen(Connection: Integer): Boolean;Checks if connection is connected. procedureAddSSLHandler(Connection: Integer; HTTP: Boolean);Adds an SSL handler to the Connection.procedure SetProxyDetails(Connection: Integer; IP: string; Port: Integer);Sets proxy details on the Connection. 



Some related documentation





Not sure if any of this will help for your application. You'll have to look around a bit in the documentation or the code hints (CTRL + space in SCAR) but there's also the possibility of making your own plugin. Freddy and others probably know more about this but ports have been used in the past to move information in and out of SCAR to external programs. I'm not sure why you need to read packets to know connection status, but I think there is a more simplistic way of verifying connection status or even more simply a way to code whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Some more information would be really helpful in assisting you.

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