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Community and Runescape

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How is the community here these days?


If I release a Bot, will anyone care?


- - - Updated - - -


Actually I believe it goes...


If a man posts a Script on the internet, but the Script gets posted on SCAR Divi Forums, does it even exist?

Here's something that could spike your interest.



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I think I have a better question for you



My private scripts


Compile in less than 130ms

Never crash

Never break

Use next to no resources

Are only used by myself and anyone else I trust

Run exactly how I want

Work better than any other known public script for that task does or potentially could work based on the limitations of their available resources e.g. parent client


Do they need to 'exist'?


Protip: The way to get a reaction is to get a reaction and not ask what a reaction would be.


Best of wishes on your scripts, hopefully you get what you are after.

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