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Favorite Animes/ Shows?

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My favorites




Megas XLR

One Piece


Cowboy Bebop


Black Lagoon



Samurai Champloo

Afro Samurai


TV Shows


Person of Interest

Under the Dome




Samurai Jack

Dexter's Lab

Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Bugs Bunny

Wil E Coyote




Iron Man

The Avengers



Death Race

Bullet Proof Monk




I'll think of some more


I always prefer the originals/ mangas/ Japanese.. although I usually need subtitles and I do prefer to watch videos instead of reading books

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Dragon ball is a must watch in the dubbed form (good voice actors). Fairy tale is alright. One piece, Bleach, Naruto my faves. Have also watched Death Note, Soul eater, Hellsing ultimate (2nd fave), and some others. I tire of t.v. I prefer music and games and learning to it. But I'll watch anime over t.v. if it's one i like a lot like uh One piece.


I don't like the animes that only last like 30 episodes and then they have a sad ending Lol. I about died when soul eater ended. Death note's ending was good tho and so was hellsings.


I want bleach to move the heck away from shinigami world and ichigos home town, and the stupid hollow world or w/e. They need some new environments. It's always the same crap all the time. Same with naruto, always forests and brown rock. Everywhere Lol. I still love em, but one piece wins out on everything in my opinion. Except for maybe eye techniques, and swords. but zoro pretty much makes up for that.

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