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I have an idea for any newer Scar version that is made for when you Select a Client the the Cross-hairs, there is a red box the goes around the perimeter of the client. When you have fully selected the client there should be another line of some sort that goes around the perimeter and stays around the perimeter of the client as well so you can always see how far the perimeter of the client is. Also there should be an option to turn that on or off or set what color it is. :D Sorry if they way I said this is a little weird, kinda hard to explain it.

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I liked the idea that. Being able to draw on the screen, by using the same form that is used for Selecting a Client.


But I guess this isn't needed for SCAR. I will make a form that can do this someday. Then you will be able to draw all over anything, and hopefully there would be a way to ignore the drawings in SCAR, but I doubt it.


This is possible though, I've done it before, with help from Freddy too...



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I don't understand what you're suggesting to be honest...
When selecting a client you see on the screen a red box that tells you what the new client area will be. Once you select the client it currently "goes away". He would like it to stay after you select the client so you can always quickly see the selected client area.


Nice idea but one of those "way harder than it sounds" ideas.

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