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Library or adding some fonctions in the client

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Hi All


I don't know if this is the correct section , if not , you could move it.


Why I created this thread ?


- I heard some people wants to add some functions in the client very often.

- I ask to myself why we need to modify the client to add some functions or library. Any Answers Freddy ?


I think the client must have the minimum of functions. Easy for the work. Easy for the maintenance.


Perhaps some people , could work on an library and when the work is done and tested , we can add it as an official part.


I don't say I know everything but I just want to learn more.


Thanks for the answers

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You dont need to mod the client to add functions or a library. Scars API supports using dll's to add external functions.


Scar has the basic functions for just about anything, there are a few debugging functions that should be added, but nothing major.


If you would like to suggest a new function use the mantis bug tracker and Freddy might take it into consideration and add it to the client.

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Sorry shadowrecon


But I think you don't understand what I said.


I don't want to add some functions in the client.


But I asked myself why people asks everytime to Freddy to add some functions in the client , because there is the library.


gotcha, and my answer would be they want convenience. So they do not need external library's and files. This has been going on since the creation of scar, and i doubt it will ever stop. But the suggestions most of the time are useless and simple enough to be typed out each time but others are useful and if you check the bug tracker you will see that Freddy does take some of our ideas and implement them into scar.


I guess the problem is people need to stop asking on the forums for Freddy to implement the functions and they need to send a proper request through the bug tracker.

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I intend to supply a very broad spectrum of functions for people to use, but I don't add anything for example, specific to a certain game to SCAR, not anymore anyway... The idea is to supply as many tools as possible for people to use to avoid them having to write their own libraries to do everything. My functions are usually also better when looking at performance, I have about 8 years of programming experience, most people who start writing libraries don't quite have the ability to optimize their functions like I can.

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