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  1. You can take a look here. http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=201
  2. Hi, this is always the same story Unicode String and Ansi String if you make this change : "ConvertedToString : AnsiString;" the result is what you want.
  3. HI BixBy I try to make some finds for a color in a area as quicker as possible. 1) My first thinkings were : - Capture the Area - Make finds here , more than one time. 2) I was wrong , the time is the same , as if I search in client. 3) May be , I need to modify the way I use those functions: - Reduce area size - use FindColorsSpiralTol instead normal FindColorsTol , FindColors 4) I like to know what happen inside the functions. I don t have the source code then I can not see it.
  4. Thanks for the answer. I tried to use like this but the code is not faster. 1) Capture around 1 ..2 ms 2) FindColorsTol around 15..32ms * X times. This time is when the function didn t find any color. I think the time used by FindColorsTol , depends of the area size 'Box( 65, 100,1024, 575); I need to find a way better
  5. Hello, I try to find functions FindColorsTol ; FindColorsSpiralTol ; FindDTM working on a TscarBitmap. 1) I want to avoid the capture of this bitmap too many times then I use : GetClient.CaptureEx 2) I am looking for the functions working on the TscarBitmap that I captured. 3) At the end , I release the TscarBitmap Can you help me ?
  6. I think there are some mistakes in the core directory : 1) file Legacy.SCAR3.TPA.scar : - unit Legacy.SCAR3.Types; instead of Legacy.SCAR3.TPA.scar 2) file Legacy.SCAR3.ISM.scar : - unit Legacy.SCAR3.Types; instead of Legacy.SCAR3.ISM.scar
  7. I use Scar 3.41 1) May I use this declaration in Scar ? const b : array[1..2] of string = ('hhh','gggg'); 2) What kind of pascal , Scar divi uses ? Any link for documentation ?
  8. I use Scar 3.40 1) Is it the best way ? I would like to say , is it the quickest way ? - TSCARBitmap <-TSCARWindowClient.CaptureEx(Box.X1,Box.Y1,Box.X2,Box.Y2); 2) I saw there is a TChrono class , How to use it ? - What is the precision in time ? millisecond ? Thanks
  9. Yes I took a look at any of yours scripts, not only yours. If you know well the subject it is easy to follow the code but when you are new !!!!! Sometimes in some scripts , I say what is this color ? What does the creator want todo ? And sometimes I say , damned too many global variables without correct name
  10. I have modified the script , We need to be more strict with code , and strict to teach to the others And I put some comments in the code , perhaps the creator will fill more. Sorry to talk in this tutorial , but I would cry when I see code without comments. // Woot - By LordJashin program WoodCuttingTutorial; const TimeToRunScript = 60 * 60; // in seconds var x, y, Width, Height, TimesClicked: Integer; procedure SetupClient; begin GetClient.Activate; GetBoxSize(GetClient.ImageArea, Width, Height); end; procedure ChopTree; begin MoveMouse(214, 185); ClickMouse(214, 185, mbLeft); Inc(TimesClicked); end; procedure DropLog; var Pt1 , Pt2 : TPoint; begin // What is Pt1 et Pt2 Pt1 := Point(575,228); Pt2 := Point(575, 228 + 45); MoveMouse(Pt1.x, Pt1.y); wait(100); ClickMouse(Pt1.x, Pt1.y, mbRight); wait(300); MoveMouse(Pt2.x, Pt2.y); wait(100); ClickMouse(Pt2.x, Pt2.y, mbLeft); end; procedure Loop; begin repeat ChopTree; // Why to wait 5000 millisec ? wait(5000); DropLog; until (GetTimeRunning > (TimeToRunScript * 1000)); end; procedure MainLoop; begin ClearDebug; SetupClient; WriteLn('Script Started!'); Loop; end; begin MainLoop; end.
  11. Hi Freddy.. I am New with minecraft. I have tried with an cracked client. Now I would be clean...What I need todo ? If I need to buy the client , what version I need ? what I have todo to use your server ? what is the rules of your server ? Explain me the more please ... Thanks
  12. what is Feed The Beast server ? A minecraft server ?
  13. I would like to know when I must use TPA functions ? 1 ) if I need to check one pixel in a area , I use Color Functions. 2) if I need to check more pixels at the same time ( with no area capture ) , what is the best ? 3) Do Scar use TPA functions in Color Functions ? 4) Any advices ?
  14. Do you know you can do this with python ? Python is free , very good language. Powerfull . If you make your script well , the script can run on linux and mac too. You can have free ide . And many others things.
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