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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I'm searching for a Glitter Scar Script, I opened this Thread because I couldn't find any working Script for me. I found one, but that was just too slow and clicked on some places, where they not supposed to be. I need help, please send me any kind of working glitter Scripts :> ~ Keekz
  2. theres an script that recolect the glitters, run when someone atack me and repair??? another thing is that when i leave my pc and i put the scar divi the next morning my seachart is white and it only recolect 3500 perles what can i do??
  3. Hi guys, I have a bot for seafight (glitterbot/glimbot) It does work (almost) i keep waching for a moment and it clicked on the minimap exactly on the glitters/glims but on the map you realy are it doesn't pick up the glims does any1 else has/had the problem and know how to solve it ?? plz if any of you can make a screen shot of the configuration you will help me a lot ! Thank you
  4. Wundertüte, Save me from this event so bad please, create a script for gifts please!!The community asks you!
  5. Hola,como muchos saben,hay muchos españoles buscando bug de este juego como yo(Soy latinoamericano)y me gustaria compartir esta pagina con demas personas del mismo idioma,si entienden algo,porfavor compartanlo en este foro o posteen sus dudas(en español) en esta seccion del foro,gracias
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