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Found 6 results

  1. So every time I try to use color picker it zooms in my whole screen (initially changing the reslolution from 1920x1080 to 1366x768) I'm afraid that this also happens when I run any script so all the coordinates that are set to auto detect are detected wrongly, and even if I manual define them they'll be set incorrectly. Is there a way around this? I'm runing windows 8.1 Thank you
  2. Hello there! I made this (map) walking-function some days ago. I initialy inteded to port my SPS(similar)-function but was hard to get it to work on runescape 2007 (oldschool), but very possible - but it requres me to create a plugin for scar (speed is of the essence). I think there's small hunger for a simple mapwalk-function on this forums (for rs 2007)... So here I am to share my code, and I hope that We can together; quckly port it to pascal (SCAR), and take it further. Short: I need help porting it to pascal from python, this is due to me having little knowledge of Pascal, and the unfamiliar syntax makes me nauseous - To be honest, I'm also very lazy... If your willing to help, or atleast take a look, the code is hosted over _HERE_ All questions will be answered, and I will also be tryin' to port it, but I'm a tolerant guy, so it might take a little time if I'm to port it alone. See "edit"... It's ported. (Path making tool) for testing and development: I just wrapped together a (browser) javascript function to make paths. As I made it a little to quick it will contain some "undocumented features". URL: http://slacky.site90.com/ Known bugs for the path making tool: - 1.a: It does not work in firefox (FF handles mouseevents another way: had a hard time remembering how..). - 1.b: [i]Chrome[/i], [i] Opera[/i] should work, and IE might work. - 2.a: In any broweser: [u]Enable active catche[/u] -> This way you dont have to reload images each time. - 2.b: Image not showing? When loading a new map/image -> [u]wait a few secounds[/u] (while image loads *not visible*) -> click "change" again. (requires active catching) - 3.: Not a bug -> But [i]jpg, png and gif[/i] does not work: Use [i]bmp[/i]. Max width/height/size for upload is 500*500, 1MB - 4.: The once I HAVE UPLOADED might be VERY inaccurate (made in 5 sec). - 5.: Not optimized for long walks. Short walks works just fine. (well as soon as the algo is finished i mean...) = - - - - - - - - - - - E D I T - - - - - - - - - - - = So, we have eventually managed to port it. Not to bad, not to bad!! (thanks for all the help) A couple of questions have rised, bacuse it wont actually work as well in rs07 (or any later..), the minimap seems to be dynamicly resizing (90-110%), and a method to ensure that we dont miss our target needs to be created, I was tinking object matching - create a set of objects (sizes, colors, tolerance.. etc), use am to triangulate the offset from the initial point we were to walk and correct it: That way our "walker" dont get lost and eventually fails... But it requires (me) to write a set of "hardcore" functions, since i could not find a function in scar to find multiple DTMs also tolerating affine transformation of the objects.
  3. PRSC CowKiller v1.03 Current Status: Broken at the moment, needs updating. [Nov. 13, 2012] Script works with WEBCLIENT - the standalone client is a little problematic. NOTES -Target the ONLY the Project RSC APPLET area with SCAR Divi's crosshair. So, make sure it doesn't capture the whole window (if you are using Project RSC Launcher) -Latest version of MSSL can be downloaded from SCAR Divi's Includes Manager. Requirements -SCAR Divi version 3.36 (not required, but highly recommended - better performance!) -MSSL version 0.99-1b (NOTE: Update to LATEST with SCAR Divi's Includes Manager!) Build Information -Version 1.03 -November 2nd, 2012. Features -Attacks cows -Boneburying (optional, disabled by default) -Relogging -Eats & runs out of combat with low HP (Meat and ALL fishes are supported) -Idle warning (when script hasn't attacked anything for certain amount of time in milliseconds [iDLE_WARN]) -Camera rotation for looking cows from screen -Alarms with 100% fatigue! -Staff member detection (when messages are sent to you through PM or chatbox) To be added/improved in next version... -Attacking improvement Have fun! -Jani PRSC CowKiller [v1.00].zip PRSC CowKiller [1.01].scar PRSC CowKiller [1.02].scar PRSC CowKiller [1.03].scar
  4. Hey, I'm searching for a Glitter Scar Script, I opened this Thread because I couldn't find any working Script for me. I found one, but that was just too slow and clicked on some places, where they not supposed to be. I need help, please send me any kind of working glitter Scripts :> ~ Keekz
  5. I have this game that if I leave running too long, it disconnects. It's a bot that runs my player when I'm not at the computer. I have NO idea how to write a script, so I thought I'd come here and see if any of you nice people would help a girl out and get me one. I want a script that will close my running game/bot thing and then reopen the game/bot thing and repeat doing that every few minutes so that I can continue moving on my game while I'm away. I've searched all over the internet for a script like this but the closest I came was a script that opens a new scar and then closes a different scar? Please help me.
  6. I would like to make a simply script for this website, http://freerice.com/ I would like to basically make a guessing script to run while I am doing homework.
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