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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Im a little bit wondering if there is a way to Find a White BitMap (or colorless) in any color? For Example : BitMap : (its hard to see I know here in Negativ : g1.bmp ) What Im looking for : Is there a way, to use for the Image Im looking for, the white BitMap?
  2. The final version of SCAR Divi 3.34 has been released. This version includes a lot of new functions, tweaks and bugfixes, check the changelog for more details! Downloads: http://www.scar-divi.com/index.php?page=download Changelog: Bugfixes: - TPAUnique and TIAUnique didn't always return a unique array - Script could not be stopped when paused - When pausing on a breakpoint the editor showed 2 icons in the gutter instead of 1 - Preprocessor had issues with single characters on a line or between directives - The filetype filters for the save dialog on the debug and report boxes were broken Tweaks: - TPAAppend now returns the index of the appended element - TIAAppend now returns the index of the appended element - RewriteFile, AppendFile and OpenFile now throw an error when a file can't be accessed - SCAR now always uses a dot as decimal separator rather than the localized one New: - function TPAEmpty(const TPA: TPointArray): Boolean; - function TPAInsert(var TPA: TPointArray; const Index: Integer; const Point: TPoint): Integer; - function TIAEmpty(const TIA: TIntArray): Boolean; - function TIAMax(const TIA: TIntArray): Integer; (Alias for AMax) - function TIAMaxEx(const TIA: TIntArray; out Index: Integer): Integer; - function TIAMin(const TIA: TIntArray): Integer; (Alias for AMin) - function TIAMinEx(const TIA: TIntArray; out Index: Integer): Integer; - function TIAInsert(var TIA: TIntArray; const Index, Int: Integer): Integer; - procedure OffsetTIA(var TIA: TIntArray; const Offset: Integer); - TExtArray = array of Extended; (Alias for TExtendedArray) - function TEAInTEA(const TEA1, TEA2: TExtArray): Boolean; - function TEAEmpty(const TEA: TExtArray): Boolean; - procedure TEAUnique(var TEA: TExtArray); - function TEAToStr(const TEA: TIntArray): string; - function StrToTEA(const Str: string): TExtArray; - function TEAContains(const TEA: TExtArray; const Ext: Extended): Boolean; - function TEAPos(const TEA: TExtArray; const Ext: Integer): Integer; - function TEAPosEx(const TEA: TExtArray; const Ext: Extended; const From: Integer): Integer; - function TEADelete(var TEA: TExtArray; const Index: Integer): Integer; - function TEAAppend(var TEA: TExtArray; const Ext: Extended): Integer; - TStrArray = array of string (Alias for TStringArray) - function CountStr(const SubStr, Str: string): Integer; Enjoy! ~Freddy
  3. theres an script that recolect the glitters, run when someone atack me and repair??? another thing is that when i leave my pc and i put the scar divi the next morning my seachart is white and it only recolect 3500 perles what can i do??
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