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Bug's on seafight

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1 step: Start mission/test

2 step: Log in,and get sunked by a player(not npc)

3 step: After you got sunked the grey screen will apear you have 2 options: Repair and go to shipyard, don't click noting for 16minutes,then click repair!

4 step: Make one monster and counts 2, you can repeat this x4 x5 times( 1monster counts 5 ) you make 1 monster=5monster


so if i get sunk and wait 16 minutes and then get sunk again and wait 16 minutes what happens? if i kill one monster i get 4 ?



I dont know if that work anymore... 1 month ago it work^^ now i dont know

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bug with cannons.. put 3x 55 cannons on ship and 2 on deck and rest admirals.. now you have critical like 55 and elite and exp. points from admirals cannons


Admirals dont have the criticals like the event 55-pounders upgrade lvl5 cristals,so when you put 1 event 55-pounder (upgrade it to lvl5 cristal) on your ship to the decks (not to the front) and the others are admirals,then you get the critical power like the event 55-pounders...

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but not all know that.. it's like "bug" with Hit Points..

1.put beams for full and put design - Spectare..

2.reper for full HP..


4.on logout change skin for example 21 or 24 or 27 or 11..

5.and you have got more hp


it won't work anymore.... when you remove all beams and change back with canons, the HP get back to normal. :(

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