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  1. Please if anyone can make a bot for glitters that also repair after get sunked and relogin after restart and olso work for windows XP. With tutorial/printscreens if possibile. Who will make this i will give 30Euro PSC if works...my skype id mikeromania2011
  2. the shipwreck allways look the same here is a picture http://i.wikiwiki.jp/op6543/?plugin=ref&page=Monster%2F%A5%A4%A5%D9%A5%F3%A5%C81&src=Shipwreck.png
  3. Hello,can someone make fast a bot that shoot shipwrek?
  4. I need a new seafight scar.divi bot that collect all gliters,repair in corner,repair after get sunk,login after restart and work for windows XP PLEASE HELP. THANK YOu
  5. less than 20hours made me Bonus cancer map(40 waves) love it:)
  6. who made cracked it? the original bot is named SeaBot and is made by http://ledproductions.net84.net ,anyway TANKS ALOT:)
  7. I dont know if that work anymore... 1 month ago it work^^ now i dont know
  8. I dont known what is this about, you use scar divi 3.25.08,windows XP,google chrome or mozilla firefox?
  9. READ THE BOT! this bot works only if you have less than 1M bullets!
  10. UP KEY -in sus DOWN KEY-in jos LEFT KEY-la stanga RIGHT KEY-la dreapta
  11. This Bot shoots only LEVIATHAN no BOSS(BEHEMONTH):exclamation: Set the keys like in the picture:exclamation: /////////////////////LONG BOOK - /////////////////////////////////////// // dont forget!!!! in first box put hollow in third box put repair // if you want to shoot elite put elite in first box (script wil not work if you have more then 1M amunution) // command set must be horizontal!!! // windstorm put in box 6,when you start script wind storm must be off! // if you don't want manage windstorm just leave box 6 empty SAY TANKS AND ENJOY Behemod_1.07_no_Boss.scar
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