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General Forum Rules

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Forum Rules



1. Forbidden Content

You will not post any content of the following nature on these forums: copyrighted material, warez, pornography and anything that could be considered illegal.


2. Behave

You must abide by the forum rules at all times and respect others on the forums. Flaming people will not be tolerated and you should be respectful when addressing staff members.


3. Merchanting

Unless sections of the forums explicitly allow the merchanting of various goods, scar scripts or in-game items, there will be no merchanting of any sorts on the forums. This includes the posting of advertisements which will not be tolerated.


4. Spam

You are not allowed to post spam. This includes short messages like "great", "cool", "ok" and so on. If you can't formulate a full sentence, then don't post.


5. Double Posting

Double posting threads is not allowed. Double posting in a thread is allowed limitless as long as the posts are automatically merged by the system. 24 hours after the previous post, this will no longer happen, then you can still double post, however, only once, triple posting will not be allowed.


6. Language

The official language of these forums is English. It is therefore not allowed to make public posts on it in any different language unless you include an English translation. If you can't translate to English well yourself, you can use a translator to do so. Failing to do so will get you warned or after a repeated offence banned from the forums! One exception are the language specific subforums, if you can find your language in this subcategory, you may speak it in there.


7. Section

Post in the correct section. If you have a question about a script, post it in the script's thread or make a thread in the "Script Help" section. Script sections are for posting scripts only. Every section could also contain an individual stickied topic with additional rules, make sure you read these before posting in the section. If there is no topic, these are the only rules that apply to the section.


8. Accounts

You can only have one account on these forums, should you create more, all of your accounts will be permanently banned.


9. Think

Before you post anything, make sure you really want to post it.


10. Mail

If you have a personal message for another user that could be construed as "mail", use the private messaging system to contact them. Do NOT post it on the forums.


11. Private Messaging

Topics and posts about selling/exchanging things are not permitted and will result in an instant ban from the forums. This rule was added to prevent scamming on the forums and merchanting as prohibited by rule 3.




Scripts Section Rules


1. Scripts

All threads posted in a scripts section need to have a script included, either with code tags or preferably as a .scar file attachment. Threads that do not have this will be removed.


2. Prefixes

If prefixes are provided to categorize scripts in the section you're posting in, you should always use the most fitting prefix unless there's no fitting prefix available for your script.


3. Advertising

Advertising in a scripts section is NOT allowed, advertising a website is only allowed in it's parent section if this is a game related scripts section and if given the site's purpose is to distribute or sell SCAR scripts related to the game.


4. Removing scripts

Please do not remove scripts. If a script is outdated, other people can still learn from it, you should change the thread's prefix to Outdated. If for some reason you insist on deleting a script, please contact an administrator. Failure to comply with this rule means you will probably end up breaking rule 1 by removing the script yourself.




If you break any of the rules above on your first post on these forums, you will receive a 1 day ban instantly.

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