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Hello! New guy here, can I has help? :P

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Hey guys, I noticed that you've been working on an RS07 bot. As far as I can tell one is released however, I have absolutely no clue where to start. I have the SCAR Divi program downloaded and installed but I don't know where to go from there. Does anyone have a guide or something that will help me with this, or could someone tell me? I can't seem to find any guides that is based on this the RS07 Bot. :/

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we don't have bots here *yet*, just scripts to make simple tasks, we have very little to work with right now :P mssl is pretty stable, osi is getting revamped so most of the scripts are out of commission until its done. Make sure you do as Toby1 said, and also install OSI, then just download the script and fill it out, read the instructions given for the scripts and let it run. The pickings are small, and at this point learning how the scripts work would be your best bet. Nothing is really fully functional, and we don't have enough gathered to deal with anti-randoms yet :P best bet is start here.

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