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Everything posted by Toby1

  1. Main two at the moment is RSCEmulation/RSCRevolution
  2. Sorry I think its outdated its over 2 years old
  3. Sorry for such a late reply, you can PM me here anytime on the forums
  4. Open the attatchment with the SCAR programme, focus SCAR crosshairs on RSC client, then run
  5. One thing I used when running scripts on a RuneScape Classic server, was Virtual Machine. a VM can be run on your computer in the background(it uses a virtual mouse and keyboard). However, they do take a lot of CPU power to run. But for me it was fine and worked wonders. (I hope I'm on the right track here,wasn't too sure about your question) At one point I was running three different characters macroing on a VM. Heres a link to the website if you are interested: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free Hope I helped
  6. Selling scripts... really Bumis..? As you claim your scripts are '100% undetectable' what scripts have you made so far? and what makes them so undetectable? a script that moves the mouse in a fairly random order? @randoms, really? moving the mouse around the client opening inventory? not even Jagex monitor mouse movements on client. Only clicks. in RSCE every player is monitored to an extent. Most players in their time at playing in RSCE will recieve a black box from an Administrator/Moderator asking them to type something into chatbox, or simply saying hi. So I question how undetectable they are. ex: And selling scripts now.. C'mon Bumis.. edit:However I do encourage creating free scripts.
  7. Well, the RSC private servers are bigger than the original closed game right now. also, what do you mean by coords? if you want a autologin script I can give you one. Would you need for real RSC,RSCR,RSCE?
  8. This ones for Project RSC(that server that died) @Janilabo nice dancer in avatar
  9. Download SCAR-Divi @Chewiie, good to see you back
  10. http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=2719 use this one, it is built for RSCEmulation.
  11. Toby1

    RSC relogin

    procedure Login; var X,Y:Integer; begin if (FindColor(X, Y, 10064522, 0, 0, 503, 330)) then begin MoveMouse(355,276); Wait(90 + Random(10)); ClickMouse(355, 276, mbLeft); Wait(2000 + Random(150)); VKeyDown(13); Wait(500); VKeyDown(13); end; end;
  12. Start script at arrow shop! Instructions: Start in arrow shop (like picture) Buy ALL arrows/bolts currently in shop before running script! Features: Moves char after 10 minutes idle UPDATED MOD DETECTION! Choice of logging out if staff is spotted, or terminating script.(leaving character to stand there and do no actions until logout). Also lets off siren! (download siren HERE!! and put in C:\siren.wav) Buys arrows and bolts ArrowBuyer_RSCEReplica.scar
  13. <p><p><p>I am in process of making some <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" data-emoticon="" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> check here: <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=2740&p=14764" rel=""><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=2740&p=14764" rel=""><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=2740&p=14764" rel="">http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=2740&p=14764</a></p></a></p></a></p>

  14. Yo! I am back from some IRL issues and I still see some guys are searching for some RSCEReplica scripts! well just to let you guys know I will be releasing more advanced RSCEReplica scripts! so I thought i'd post this here to let you guys at SCAR-Divi know. P.S: If anyone can let me know how RSCEReplica mods attempt! to stop macros in their track, please post screenshots or write details on what you've experienced them do! All I know so far is that they PM/Chat to player. Letting me know this helps me add better mod detection to scripts . P.P.S: Post any script requests you have here, and ill try to the best of my ability to create . Scripts finished/working on: (request if it is not on list and I may be able to do it..): started on all of these.. Shop buyer(runes,arrows) 06/09/14 Powerminer Zamorak monk trainer with prayer Boneburyer Pickpocketer Thanks for reading
  15. LeoSleep worked with RSCEmulation V1.
  16. I have been looking for a way to add some transparency to some BMPs in my scripts. But I think that TSCARBitmap.TranspColor has either been removed, or updated to a new name.. I have tried finding something similair but with no luck. (http://wiki.scar-divi.com/TSCARBitmap.TranspColor)
  17. 1. no 2. yes (but I think its the same as original sleeping CAPTCHAS, LeoSleep may solve?) 3. yes 4. fatigue will stop your char fishing
  18. I will work on a karamja fisher when I get home(tommorow) .
  19. They normally warn player before teleporting(via talking @ chatbox), and they normally send at least 3-5 tiles back from position. Yeah very easy to police, everyones gone to RSCEmulation Replica really . I am not sure what you mean by 'log times by actions'
  20. Hey, I think I can answer to both of your questions . I believe RSCR have really little to none 'bot detection'. I have had at least 4-5(?) chars banned there. And all by the same methods. Invisible staff teleport the char a few tiles away from object/NPC it is clicking, which ends up in the char running back to the object/NPC. Another method I have found the staff at RSCR is just straight up talking to the player... saying things as 'are you there?' etc. That is why I added 'mod detection to some of my scripts. (It looks for a mod/admin crown at staffbox and if found terminates script/logs out char) About second question.. LeoSleep will NOT work with RSCR sadly. it was used in the original RSC game(which had different CAPTCHA sleeping fonts,words, etc.) Edit: @Leo, I remember Janilabo making this also, although I am sure it was never finished (forgot reason)
  21. Alright cool. Look forward to seeing them
  22. Personally I prefer RSCRevolution because features are practically the same whether you pay for the game or not and when P2P is released there it will be available for everyone. HOWEVER. RSCEmulation Replica seems to be raking in more players, and the thing I dont like about the game is XP to fast and if you do not 'subscribe' the gameplay is limited(no P2P ) So all in all, I prefer RSCRevolution. Although I will carry on creating scripts for both games
  23. Start script at this spot in Draynor! This script can be used at any shrimp fishing spot. Instructions: Start near fishing spot (like picture) Make sure Fatigue is 0% of course Leave script to fish! Features: Desired time to logout/terminate script for human input of sleeping. Login if logged out from standing idle(I believe it is 10 minutes on RSCE Replica[?]) MOD DETECTION! Choice of logging out if staff crown is spotted(admin/mod), or terminating script.(leaving character to stand there and do no actions until logout) Fishes shrimps (can be used at any shrimp fishing spot) Note: to change what action is performed when staff crown is seen, go to line 88. (The two options are, 'logout' and 'terminate' or leave blank if you want no detection) Note: to change what action is performed when desired time is up, go to line 93. (The two options are, 'logout' and 'terminate' or leave blank if you want no detection) Note: to change desired time(RECOMMENDED: 300), go to line 4 and change DESIREDTIME. Desired time should be lower the higher your fish level is! 300 is recommended for beginner fishers. DraynorFisher_RSCE.scar
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