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[REQ] Karamja Fisher//banker - swordies/lobsters

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people could learn from it and script to


I used to script with SCAR quite a few years back at RSCN... I just got back into it and I tell ya, SCAR has gotten so much more enhanced; now with all these include files it makes learning to script quite a bit tougher.


I've made a few of my own private scripts for now, but nothing complex.. Although I wouldn't mind trying to work up to something complex..

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..now with all these include files it makes learning to script quite a bit tougher.
Actually, the whole point of includes is to make things a lot easier for scripters.. So that, you don't have to create everything yourself for scripts. :) +Many things can be fixed/improved at 1 place instead of going through every script when certain functions/procedures get broken with say... Game updates. :P Good example of working include is SRL, it has been around since 2005(?), and it is still going strong because of active community working on it together.


Seriously BIG problem of MSSL is (currently) the lack of documentation/code commenting/describing. It makes things a lot more harder for new scripters around here.. If there would be proper documentation for MSSL stuff, people wouldn't be so confused about most of the things in it. Sadly I am kind of an ON/OFF person with scripting/coding, so the documenting part will take a long time to get done (if I ever get it finished, really...)

But as I am not asking for any money from anyone, so there's nothing for anyone to complain at least. All this work for MSSL I am doing with good will.


I am pretty much hoping there will be much more scripters around here, with brave new ideas and ways to get going with.. :) With teamwork things would be much easier to work for.



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Yeah I do understand the role that includes play, Janilabo.


I understand about the documentation of MSSL, but you see, it is a little bit harder to learn how to use it with out the documentation. I've been going through the OSi and MSSL includes deciphering what I can, but it is tricky..


I'm more off then on with coding as such, but I will be sticking around this community inputting ideas, asking questions and learning as much as possible. I've always like the way SCAR works and the thought of its other uses besides RS has always intrigued me.


P.S Thanks for putting up the AFK script, Janilabo.

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I'd love to get involved in all of this and help others but I simply don't get any time either, life's getting tougher for me, with longer working hours just to pay the basic bills. But I do give free reign to anyone to hack n' paste away at any of my scripts in the name of education.

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