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Found 1 result

  1. Start script at this spot in Draynor! This script can be used at any shrimp fishing spot. Instructions: Start near fishing spot (like picture) Make sure Fatigue is 0% of course Leave script to fish! Features: Desired time to logout/terminate script for human input of sleeping. Login if logged out from standing idle(I believe it is 10 minutes on RSCE Replica[?]) MOD DETECTION! Choice of logging out if staff crown is spotted(admin/mod), or terminating script.(leaving character to stand there and do no actions until logout) Fishes shrimps (can be used at any shrimp fishing spot) Note: to change what action is performed when staff crown is seen, go to line 88. (The two options are, 'logout' and 'terminate' or leave blank if you want no detection) Note: to change what action is performed when desired time is up, go to line 93. (The two options are, 'logout' and 'terminate' or leave blank if you want no detection) Note: to change desired time(RECOMMENDED: 300), go to line 4 and change DESIREDTIME. Desired time should be lower the higher your fish level is! 300 is recommended for beginner fishers. DraynorFisher_RSCE.scar
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