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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Folks, In light of Ankama resurfacing Dofus 1.29 to all users, I'm starting fresh on a new server and I want to get farming leveled up. I've used this script in the past on previous versions of windows with no problems but I just can't seem to get it to work now. All of the script works fine, except I can't get it to actually click. The timing and movements are correct, it just won't click. Thanks in advance for your help. Here's the script I'm using: constResource1 = 1998707; // Color de tu Recurso - Pega el color del recurso Nº1Resource2 = 408389; // Color de tu Recurso - Pega el color del recurso Nº2Resource3 = 491900; // Color de tu Recurso - Pega el color del recurso Nº3CollectTime = 1200; // Tiempo en recolectar - Tiempo de recoleccion (11000 = 11 Segundos)varx, y, lvlx, lvly: Integer;function TargetResource1: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource1, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function TargetResource2: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource1, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function TargetResource3: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource3, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function NextResource1: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource1, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function NextResource2: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource2, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function NextResource3: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(x, y, Resource3, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;procedure Collect;beginif (TargetResource1 or TargetResource2 or TargetResource3) thenbeginMoveMouse(x, y);Wait(100 + Random(200));MouseBtnDown(x, y, mbLeft);Wait(20 + Random(50));MouseBtnUp(x, y, mbLeft);Wait(100 + Random(200));MoveMouse((x + 25), (y + 25));Wait(100 + Random(200));MouseBtnDown((x + 25), (y + 25), mbLeft);Wait(20 + Random(50));MouseBtnUp((x + 25), (y + 25), mbLeft);Wait(3000 + Random(500));Wait(CollectTime); end;end;function NoResource: Boolean;begin Result := not FindColor(x, y, 1683891, 0, 0, 800, 600);end;function FindLevel: Boolean;beginResult := FindColor(lvlx, lvly, 25087, 0, 0, 500, 500);end;procedure LevelUp;beginif FindLevel thenbeginMoveMouse(lvlx, (lvly + 2));Wait(100 + Random(100));ClickMouse(lvlx, (lvly + 2), mbLeft);Wait(100 + Random(100)); end;end;beginCollect;repeatif NoResource thenCollect;if (NextResource1 or NextResource2 or NextResource3) thenCollect;if FindLevel thenLevelUp; until False;end.
  2. hello good afternoon I have been reading lately in the forum and today I got ready to comment, https://forums.scar-divi.com/topic/1451-duplicate-actions-on-half-of-screen/?tab=comments#comment-8085 I have read this post which is very similar to what I would need but I understand that this post is about a recording of mouse actions, to reproduce it in the Shared screen, what I need would be in real time, what would be the correct term and can be carried out with scar divi or should I look for another option. In addition there is a program called eithermouse that allows you to have two mice on the same PC, the main thing is that when using the second one it cancels the first one and so on. If possible, all the above mentioned possibilities that could be posed to execute this "either mouse" with scar divi with your secondary mouse. Thank you very much in advance, I would appreciate any help and could make donations. The attached image was taken from the internet by another site with a similar idea but executed in another way. It currently doesn't work in Win 10, I wouldn't know if I could put the link.
  3. Hello. I wanted to see what you guys mean about this wierd mouse-moving function? It very simple, so, pretty much the first thing i've ported to Pascal in many many years! It purely condition based, no real math involved, it moves. The speed will differ according to it's angle (and distance). Speed might need some adjustment (Wait time at the end), and it could be made more randomized, and "smarter".. procedure SimpleMouse(x,y:Integer); var wx,wy,px,py,ax,ay:Integer; begin GetMousePos(wx, wy); repeat if(y>wy) and (x>wx) Then begin px:=x-wx; py:=y-wy; end; if(y<wy) and (x>wx) Then begin px:=x-wx; py:=wy-y; end; if(y<wy) and (x<wx) Then begin px:=wx-x; py:=wy-y; end; if(y>wy) and (x<wx) Then begin px:=wx-x; py:=y-wy; end; if(y>wy) and (x=wx) Then begin px:=x; py:=y-wy; end; if(y<wy) and (x=wx) Then begin px:=x; py:=wy-y; end; if(x<wx) and (y=wy) Then begin px:=x-wx; py:=y; end; if(x>wx) and (y=wy) Then begin px:=wx-x; py:=y; end; if(px>py) and (px<>0) and (py<>0) Then begin ax:=round(px div py); ay:=1; end; if(px<py) and (px<>0) and (py<>0) Then begin ay:=round(py div px); ax:=1; end; if(px=py) or (px=0) or (py=0) Then begin ax:=1; ay:=1; end; if(wx<x) Then wx:=wx+ax; if(wy<y) Then wy:=wy+ay; if(wx>x) Then wx:=wx-ax; if(wy>y) Then wy:=wy-ay; MoveMouse(wx,wy) wait(3+Random(3)) until(wx=x) and (wy=y); end; Meh.. ;-P
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