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★ Impact-RS | Open Beta | Clan Wars | Oldschool/NewSchool ★

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[SIZE=2][URL="http://www.impact-rs.com"]Homepage[/URL] | [URL="http://www.impact-rs.com/play"]Play Now[/URL] | [URL="http://www.impact-rs.com/forums"]Forums[/URL] | [URL="http://www.impact-rs.com/vote"]Vote for 1 hour of Double EXP[/URL] | [URL="http://www.impact-rs.com/highscores"]Highscores[/URL]

[/SIZE][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ffa500]Current Status:[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffd700]BETA[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=#66cc66]Impact is currently in a beta stage, accounts will NOT be reset![/COLOR][COLOR=#add8e6]
[COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=4][B]About Impact[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#66cc66]Impact RS is a RuneScape Private Server that is revolutionizing the field for RuneScape emulation.
We strive to provide our players with frequent quality updates that we base on your suggestions,
and ensure an enjoyable experience for all types of players. Whether you like PvP, PvM or Skilling,
we've got what you're looking for! We could go on for hours about why Impact is better than any other server,
but the media would sum it up quite nicely in much less time:

[B][COLOR=#ffa500]Choose to play in Oldschool or Newschool, with the option to play in stunning HD:[/COLOR]

Select between many different [U]Clan Wars[/U] options with 6 Arenas to choose from!


[COLOR=#ffa500]Choose from many Achievements to complete(Hard diary coming soon)[/COLOR]


[COLOR=#ffa500]Earn [U]Loyalty Points[/U] by being active and spend them on [U]Titles[/U] and other rewards![/COLOR]


[COLOR=#ffa500]Organize your bank with [U]bank tabs


[COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=4][I]What are you waiting for?[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[B][SIZE=5][URL="http://www.impact-rs.com/play"][COLOR=#ffcc66]Click here to join the action![/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/B]


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