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Seafight BOT shoot monster map 1

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This script is still working great , so no need to fix or delete it !!

Try and look around before posting comments about not working plz..


The settings is the right ones Rebel, they work..I got 1 ship

shooting monsters right now.


You need an older flash player installed to run the script...

I used 10.1... (and windows IE) cos they changed some things in the 10.3 , so the

scripts didn't work any more...So just google on your web reader

on how to install older flash player and voila it works..


Good luck and happy farming ^^

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Hello people


I've been trying for some time with me to befriend scar-based programs and also to write yourself.

Since I have also tried to create a monster shooter I became aware of this script but this does not work for me.

Can someone help me maybe Scar to understand better? I've also been through the TUT on youtube (but is not there, unfortunately, explaining everything and everything in English only). ( googletranslate)


Thx for answering

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