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25/01 Development update

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Function overriding:

As of the next version, I'm removing the ability to override functions in SCAR from plugins. The reason is very simple. With a large part of SCAR's functions now documented, I want the functions to do what the user expect them to do when they read the documentation. As of SCAR 4 this will also no longer be possible in scripts.


SCAR Divi 3.31

Due to my finals I've had to pretty much stop developing SCAR for a while. However, I have made some progress towards the next version (3.31). Currently none of the features on the roadmap are really being worked on yet, I'm currently rewriting the entire interface to the script-engine to make it more stable and flexible. You can expect a first alpha build to be released probably tomorrow. At that point, codehints, code completion and breakpoints won't work properly and plugins might not work yet. However, aside from that scripts should be able to run normally. I do advice that everyone tests their scripts as soon as possible with these new builds as soon as plugin support is reinstated to report any bugs that may be left in there. This new implementation of the interface will prevent some (rare) crashes of SCAR caused by the script engine as well as allow me to expand SCAR's capabilities in the future.

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Ahh, it's cool Freddy, just take your time with it. ..as there is absolutely no need to hurry with it.

We all will be patiently waiting for it. :)

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I was basically having trouble with a bug, that's been resolved now, I'm going to wait with releasing the first alpha though, just until I finish implementing a few more things. It does already compile and run OSI scripts with SMART though.

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