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IccyBot - Get FREE professionally Runescape bots that work 100% AFTER bot nuke day!

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Good Job man. Sorry I was just mad at the time being.

Edited by rsutton

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old botter wanting to start back up on rs whats this bot nuke day all about?



Basically they changed the internal structure of the game client so all injection/reflections bots (all the java bots) died a horrible death (well at least a significant setback). Color scripts using SCAR or SIMBA still work just fine. On top of that they sued (and won) the biggest? bot out there making it illegal to write/use such bots (simplifying greatly here). The best part of all this is JacMod giving up on bot development, defecting and going to work for Jagex.


There are hints of private bots slowly coming back on line but nothing definitive and they are maintained/developed by private communities: Nobody wants to get sued for massive amounts of $$$. Most of the "injection" bots that claim to be working are actually simply color clients or just plain vaporware.


Think that's most of the highlights.

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