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OpenBankNPC question

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Other than integer comparison is much faster than strings? Plus you avoid having to convert everything to upper/lower case to make sure you have a match and you don't have to worry about spelling typos; the compiler will let you know in advance you have it wrong. I'm sure he had his own reasoning for it.


It is a bit of pain in DeclarePlayers using integer constants. One more thing to confuse users. I suppose a form would get around this problem.

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string inputs are no longer used for anything ever, the integer is a constant in globals.scar as explained in the new banking additions thread. For a lot of reasons, mainly to avoid miss/different spellings by the script user and string comparison.


If you really wanted to it wouldn't be hard to just use strings in the declare players and then string comparison match it in an array to get the int to put into OpenBank... I mean comon..

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