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Runescape has Updated. Fixed Update - For wanted

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Wanted. Talk to freddy about incorporating a function to reopen a new scar.exe Ill take it from there just I tried talking him into it but he wont. Its not like scar is op-en source for freddies version so making a funciton to reopen the exe shouldnt be that "dangerous" for us to use. We can DEFINATLY solve the RS has updated problem if this can jsut get implemented.


Its hardcoded in scar then and no one can modify and give to everyone saying " use this instead of the real one"


I Dunno I tried but without this implemented... HAHA i just thought of a way to fix the problem without this..... Never Mind forget what I said :) This could take a bit :P

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This isn't a messageboard... Use the PM system. I'm not implementing dodgy workarounds in SCAR for a problem that isn't even related to SCAR.

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