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InvItemsSingle - New Function

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Just in case someone wants to use it before wanted puts it in osi. This will catch the WHOLE inventory 27 slots. Will right click each item and perform the task given in the text field (searches options). You can easly do MANY things with this function by changing it around a bit which is what Wanted is doing ( yes im lazy ) But Im using this for my script right now so go ahead and use.


{Useage Example InvItemSingle(['Bury'],600,1000); }

{Useage Example InvItemSingle(['Use'],600,1000); }

{Useage Example InvItemSingle(['Drop'],600,1000); }

{Useage Example InvItemSingle(['Craft'],600,1000); }




Function InvItemSingle(Options: TStringArray; WaitTimeMin,WaitTimeMax: LongInt): Boolean; Var

Slot: Array[0..27] of TBox;


for I := 0 to 27 do begin

Slot := GetItemBounds(i);

MouseBox(Slot.X1, Slot.Y1, Slot.X2, Slot.Y2, ClickRight);

ChooseOptionMultiEx(Options, ClickLeft);

WaitRR(WaitTimeMin, WaitTimeMax);




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