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How to get OSI and SCAR ready for botting

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Sometimes you can just the latest SCAR off the main page http://scar-divi.com/index.php?page=download'>http://scar-divi.com/index.php?page=download unless the script you are using asks for something newer than the version that is up on the downloads page.


In that case you will need to get SCAR pre-release.


Edit: You can follow this video guide to get SVN http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?505-Downloading-SCAR-Divi-Prerelease you still need to scroll down and learn how to use the includes manager though.


--- Text version ---


In order to get SCAR pre-release you need to use something called subversion.


If you are reading this guide than you will probably be most comfortable using tortoiseSVN, although there are other command line SVN programs if you don't like user friendly GUIs.


So download and install the latest tortoise svn for your operating system http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html (32 bit or 64, this is important you pick the correct one).


You may have to restart your computer after you are done installing in order for you be able to use it. Go ahead and bookmark this page and do that now if the you find the options in the rest of the tutorial aren't there for you.


Now that you have tortoisesvn up and working go ahead and create a new folder in your programs folder called SCAR Prerelease. Right click on that folder and select SVN checkout, when it asks you for the URL of the repo copy and paste the link http://svn.scar-divi.com/scar/ and check the folder path so that its simple C:\Program Files\SCAR Prerelease\ and not like C:\Program Files\SCAR Prerelase\AnotherFolder\ ... just delete it back to the origin folder path.


After you click ok and let it download all the necessary files go to bin/scar.exe right click and create a new short cut, call it SCAR, then you can put this shortcut wherever you want for easy access (see the troubleshooting porition if you get trouble there)


----- Use Includes manager ---- How to Get OSI ----


Go ahead and open SCAR and click File -> Includes Manager. Click OSI and click install. This may take a few minutes.


You should now be able to run your script, if you have errors compiling post about them in the help section or the script thread making sure you include information like the script you are using, the error you are getting, your operating system etc. be polite... these scripts are free and people are more likely to help you if you've read around for common errors first and not act sarcastic or demeaning.


Don't forget to check for SCAR updates and OSI once a day by checking the includes manager (reloading plugins sometimes) , right click your SCAR pre-release folder and click SVN update (making sure you have all instances of SCAR closed first).


If you are having trouble getting SVN to work it may be your firewall, try disabling it temporary. Sometimes the UAC in windows can get in your way, google "Turning the UAC off windows 7".







Update: At the current moment you do not need to follow the guide below


Simply download latest SCAR off http://scar-divi.com


File -> Includes manager -> Install OSI


Then look in the runescape script sections, or wherever to find premade scripts to use.


Otherwise look at the OSI manual or SCAR wiki to find out how to make your own.



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