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Help an oldie out who is lost lol

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Hi there,


I used to do a bit of scripting on SCAR over 10 years ago, but it seems like I have become very rusty and some of the coding rules have been changed??? Is that any right?


Either way I have seen some of you have been exceptionally helpful, and since mine is no biggie, I was HOPING someone would take their time helping me out.




What I need should be real simple (not for me lol). Basically once a bitmap appear (SCAR-0.bmp attached), there should be a mouseclick on x,y coordinates and then a waiting time of 10 minutes, and after those 10 minutes, the same x,y coordinates will be clicked again.

However, if the same bitmap appears within the 10 minutes, it should start the 10 minutes waiting time over from scratch and first click the coordinates after a full 10 minutes have passed without the BMP appearing on screen.


So like:

CreateBItmap(bmp1) ....

if findbitmap(bmp1) then




^^ i know that is nowhere near correct coding but just to explain in another way :P


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You almost got it with that pseudocode. The coding 'rules' haven't changed, the wrappers for built in functions and been re-arranged slightly since ~10yrs ago.


You can find the built in arrangements in code hints in SCAR or here https://wiki.scar-divi.com/SCAR_Divi_Online_Manual

If you have specific questions I can help answer them. 

It's much easier than it sounds

Welcome back

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