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Need ideas to find the Fishing Spot

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Hey guys... I need some ideas on how I can find this fishing spot.

Unfortunately I'm having some trouble. The color is extremely similar to a lot of other colors in the area.



To be frank, this is the barb village in 07OSRS. Trying to make a fly fishing bot. Any ideas to help me out? :(

Tried to look for the fishing poles which works WONDERS, but with the problem of if I'm already standing right next to the spot, you see my character and no fishing poles anymore.

Any ideas to help me out? :( 

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Find the whole TPA (FindColor(s) ) and split it into boxes (ATPA) or SplitTPA and then look at the width/height of the (A)TPA(s) with TPA sorting and Length() probably use one of the TPA sorting functions by size



Here's some generalized implementation


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