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Maybe a simple script, but I'm an idiot

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Hello guys.


I need a script that can do the following:


Press arrowkey down, press arrowkey up, then wait for 15 mins. But the catch is, that any minute there can be a pop-up window with a specific button you have to press so:




Wait 15 minuts

But at the same time always "search" for the magic button.

Repeat until stopped


Hope you understand.

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var T: LongInt;begin repeat   Wait(1000);   VKeyDown(VK_Down);   Wait(1000);   VKeyDown(VK_Up);    T := (GetSystemTime + (15 * 60 * 1000));   while (T > GetSystemTime) do   begin     if (GetColor(100, 100) = 16777215) then // or some condition for dectection     begin       // More detections and conditions/actions     end;     Wait(150);     end; until (False);end.



Hard to help you with the middle part since it's not very detailed. You might be able to do some color at point detection or bitmaps etc.

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