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Grim Dawn and key press problem.

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program GrimDawn;var W,H,X,Y,I,J:Integer; GameWindow: THwndArray;procedure cast_curse;begin if (GetCurrentKeyState(CharToVKey('k'))) then begin   writeln('test')   wait(100)   PressVKeyEx(CharToVKey('1'), 100);   wait(100)   PressVKeyEx(CharToVKey('2'), 100);   wait(100)   PressVKeyEx(CharToVKey('3'), 100);   end;end;                                begin GameWindow := FindWindowsEx(GetDesktopWindow, 'Grim Dawn', '', False, False, True); ActivateWindow(GameWindow[0]); SetClient(TSCARWindowClient.Create(GameWindow[0])).Free GetBoxSize(GetClient.ImageArea, W, H); wait(100) repeat wait(1); if (GetToggleKeyState(VK_NUMLOCK)) then begin   cast_curse end;   until false;end.



Im trying to use SD to cast bunch of spells at the same time with 1 keypress. Problem is neither PressVKeyEx nor PressKeyEx nor VKeyDown work. This is the first time i encounter such a problem. Anyone has experience with Grim Dawn and encountered this problem?

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