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FindBitmap (for a duration)

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I have a problem with the bitmaps...

It's hard to explain, but I'll give a try. So my problem is, I'd like to find a bitmap, but only then, when it appears for a duration (for example if a picture or something comes up, but I only want to click on it when the picture exist for 5 seconds, but if the picture disappears after 2 sec, it don't do anything)


Is there any way to do it?


Thank You!

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if (Find) then



if (Find) then



Problem with that though is that if the picture disappears during that time and comes back then it won't notice so you'll need to choose a refresh rate like loop it every 100ms


T := GetSystemTime + 5000;

while (GetySystemTime < T) do


if (not (Find)) then

Exit etc;




Pseudo code but I think you'll figure it out

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