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Difference between two identical strings

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I'm having problems getting my script to work. When I run [k := PregMatch(bla, c);] the script outputs an empty line with WriteLn() but if I run [k := PregMatch('/^(?!(.).\1)[uitiedåhwtritnåtoiirsrmce]{3}$/im', c)] the script runs as expected giving me the first RegEx match in the loaded file. When I use WriteLn(bla); it will output the exact same string as used successfully above.


There must be a hidden difference between the two strings but I cannot see it. Code below.


 f: Integer;
 c: string;
 b: Integer;
 bla: String;
 k: string;
f := OpenFile(IncludesPath + 'done.txt', True);
ReadFileString(f, c, FileSize(f));
for b := 3 to 15 do begin
bla := '''/^(?!(.).\1)[uitiedåhwtritnåtoiirsrmce]{' + IntToStr(b) + '}$/im''';
 k := PregMatch(bla, c);
 //k := PregMatch('/^(?!(.).\1)[uitiedåhwtritnåtoiirsrmce]{3}$/im', c)

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Thanks for taking an interest to my question. I put in the three apostrophes because the function I use goes like PregMatch('..', integer) and the 2nd and 3rd ' gets interpreted as a single apostrophe (just like \' would work in most other languages). But perhaps the apostrophes in PregMatch is not needed when referencing an object - I will have to try that when I get home. For a file you could use something like


The RegEx should only pick out ces.



I tried it and it worked - thanks.

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