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Action per # of loops

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Hey guys, IDK if im just searching the wrong things, or I'm failing to see the answers in tutorials/guides.


I want to run a procedure every 15 loops. So currently im using a repeat until, with a "Procedure for 'in combat' once the in combat loop ends, it adds 1 to 'kills' using Inc(Kills)


I want a procedure to run every 15 kills. Ive tried doing If Kills = 15 then begin xxxxxx end

THEN inside that procedure to reset 'Kills' to 0 using Kills -= 15; (syntax error) Kills = Kills - 15; (Internal error)


Everything i see on tutorials seems to be too focused on EACH Inc do X but i want a every 15 Incs do X



If that makes sense. If not please let me know and I'll try harder to explain :)


Thanks in advance for your time and replies! <3

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