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SCAR Divi 3.41 Final

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SCAR Divi 3.41.00 has been released. This is a (seriously) overdue maintenance release. I've finally gotten around to publishing it. All affiliate installers have been removed from SCAR as well, as it seems the company providing them is no longer screening these software packages properly to exclude malware products.


Downloads: SCAR Divi - Download



- ReverseATPA did not function correctly
- Large memory leak in the script engine
- & characters in filenames were not displayed correctly in tab captions

- Updated PascalScript engine to newer build (5d00e6cfb950a3c898d2d6813862199e5c5142c6)





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Excelent man I'm really happy that still some work goes into SCAR, it really is my favourite program and language.


I reckon I could learn to love any language if I knew it as well as I do SCAR but then again why?


Also Freddy I've noticed that trying to update SCAR from the program itself does nothing...

At first it asks if you'd like to download a newer version and if you do it will download it successfully, but after that it just asks you to save your work and close SCAR. When clicking OK on the prompt you're just left inside SCAR to do whatever. If you then close SCAR as recommended nothing will happen. Hmm, perhaps it is just me :P

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