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On drawing on Screen - Example request

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Hello fellow SCARians,


I've been lurking these forum for quite some time now, and I've managed to create quite an exstensive array of macros using your suggestions and tutorials. But one thing evades me, and that is how to draw anything on the screen. Right now I am working on a program that will organize your stuff, be it pictures, videos, documents, and so forth into user specified folders automatically, right from the desktop.


The program works fine and I've no problem with it as is.


Currently there is an area, that SCAR periodically checks on my desktop for new items. It then recognizes these items and sorts them out. This little area is invisible to the naked eye, and known only to my mind. I would like SCAR to draw the outline of this area, so I will always be sure where to place the items.


Now, I would love it, if you could provide an example on how to color a single pixel in any client window. Please, disregard the above described program and just give me a code, that I can copy and paste into SCAR, compile, and notice a small pixel on screen that is of a different color.


Or is asking for such a thing too much?


Best wishes and thanks to those taking the time in advance!

Lovro Mirnik

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Maybe create a new canvas that copies the image from your desktop and paint to that and transpose the mouse.

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Idk what kind of effect you want this to have. But if you want just a red outline, and no window. You're going to have to create it in Delphi and import it using a plugin. If you want a Window that has a red box in it. You can do that with SCAR. But idk how you'll be able to drag an icon there.


You could take your current background into a paint editor. And draw the box in there.


If you want a See Through window. With a Red Outline. That is also Transparent (where you can drag stuff through the window as if it wasn't even there). You'll need to make a delphi plugin. SCAR's targeting system uses this mechanic. The select a client tool (you click on it and drag it over the window you want to select and it dynamically updates a form thats see through and draws a red box outline it).


I've been able to reproduce the same thing as SCAR pretty much on my own a long time ago. Was fun to code that.

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