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[OSI] Power woodcutter help :P

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Your log detection is poor. Use TPA's etc. your also don't even use X and Y from FindColor.


There's plenty of drop functions in OSI that work and if you were to make your own you could simply use InvItemBounds with MouseBoxes and loops etc.


WaitR(Min, Max)/Mousebox for better randomization

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Could you use "LeveledUp" in a small example?

(or LeveledUpex) [it seems leveledup no longer functions]


also, can you make a function typetext random number? like "typetextRN(20,99)"?

no open bank? :c

Can you do a small open chest for the chest bank at castle wars?

Its the only one I need for most of the functions I'm planning.

Its hard with so many of the functions deprecated xD

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