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OSI Updates October 2014

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Moved Anti-Randoms to Misc
Updated BankScreen/ Bank EdgePoints
Added GetMMLvls
Updated OSI Templates
RS2 renamed RS3


Playing Old School Runescape again. Really no interest in RS3 (btw someone please change the Prefix tags on threads from RS2 -> RS3)


I can say that 07scape aka Old School Runescape hasn't changed a lot since I first made OSI 2. I went through and tested/updated some stuff because I'm writing a private script atm.


As far as I can tell most of the game edges MSX1 etc.. are the same. I went through and confirmed most of them. I have tested/updated the following functions so they are currently working (for sure) haven't checked the rest of the include but will probably soon













Obviously anything that those functions depend on also works and probably most of everything else I haven't tested yet.


The only things I would guess are broken are login, bank functions, UpText, and ChooseOption. Although you could get last two ones I listed back if you use SCAR 3.39 (or whatever before UpText was removed)


Freddy you need to put GetUpText back into SCAR for 07scape. RS3 might of removed it but it's still a vital part of almost any script.


Also if you've read this thread please read the one about SetTargetDC/CopyClientToBitmap/OCR http://forums.scar-divi.com/showthread.php?t=2746




I'll probably be more active now, but not a whole lot.


It's nice to see Jagex finally give up on Randoms.


Also I've heard rumors that SMART is not safe to use and a lot of people at SRL been getting banned lately. Not sure what else





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Still at it? Was thinking of you today, and low and behold you made a post yesterday. Figured with ransoms gone and old school free again you'd be around. If its up to date I'll get to making tonight! Also smart was never really safe, their detection has always been able to detect side loaded clients, how they determine is beyond me, but its been apparently obvious over the years. Virtual box 4 lyfe.

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Uptext and chooseoption work. Should be enough to make a private script. I have several that use OSI currently.

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