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Paying 4 Scriptor

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UPDATED: I need someone to code me a script for a game I play. I want to learn how to do it myself, but can't figure it out as much as I've tried. The script needs to press arrow keys that appear on the screen in 5 locations in the correct order.


The Program needed to play the game is the 507.1259_byond.exe which I will link here: mediafire.com/?dwc92oqyryn6d8e


Here are the screenshots for the Arrow Keys that appear on the screen: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hmah6114nmip7/ArrowBitmaps


Then once you have that downloaded and setup, you can login as a guest.

The name of the game is Dragonball Supremacy.

Once on the game the training method I need scripted is under the Training tab, and is called Shadow Spar.


I am willing to pay someone 50$ to make this for me.


I only ask to prove to me it works, and I have no problem paying you 15$ through Paypal. Thanks for your time, PM or Reply below if interested!

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I grabbed the official Byond client from the website but get a "Connection Error" every time I try to launch your game. Tried a few times then got bored and wandered off to do something else.

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Ive never heard of that happening before... did it say "Connection Failed?" If that was a case the host was probably rebooting the game at the time.

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